Windows 10: a redesigned start menu


Microsoft proposes some changes to the start menu and asks the user-reviews before integrating the changes to the updated birthday. Redesigned start menu

Windows 10: a redesigned start menu
Windows 10: a redesigned start menu

After suffering much criticism at the disappearance of the Start menu in Windows 8 Microsoft logically wary when it comes to touch this key element of the system. Before consider incorporating changes the user reviews will be observed. By means of a set of before / after pictures posted on this page editor shows what he proposes changes to improve start menu. The first catches on we can see the complete list of applications that appears directly. The access to the stop button and the settings are reduced to an icon on the left. The list of the most used applications is still present. In fashion tablet this time that automatically or manually switches on in the settings , it is the view “all apps” which is affected by the change.

The tiles are hidden and the list fills the screen, the user can see the list with a vertical scrolling.To advise it is possible to go through the Windows Feedback app but Microsoft also offers to answer a survey online . If the feedback is positive the Windows Insider Program testers could see New arrive soon in a preview version of Windows 10. Redesigned start menu

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