Why Do We Need Fresh Air?

why do we need fresh air

Do you remember the time when your mom told you to go outside and play or just get some fresh air? Turn out! It is necessary for every one of us to get fresh air for our health and well- being. 

Fresh air is highly important for you. When you are stuck in a room or building for a day or two, you have the urge to go outside. It is because your body is exhausted and it needs fresh air. There are many reasons why we need fresh air and below are listed some of the amazing benefits that fresh air gives us.

  • It Cleans Your Lungs

When you breathe fresh air, it provides your lungs more oxygen and cleans them up. Another benefit is that when you breathe in fresh air your lungs airways are fully dilated and all the toxins get eliminated during exhaling.

  • It Makes Your Immune System Strong

Fresh air improves your immune system by providing more oxygen. It fights off any sort of germ, virus or bacteria that enter your body. And the oxygen also keeps your cell fully functioning.

  • It Makes You Energetic

Believe you me, it really works. When you spend your time in the fresh air, you feel more energetic and active. When you’re tired you normally opt for a cup of coffee but instead, you should try to get some fresh air. Because the amount of oxygen you get from fresh air gives you more energy. 

  • It Reduces The Risks Of Diseases

When the quality of air in your home or outside increases, it will lower the airborne toxins and germs to a significant level and you will be very less likely to fall ill. 

  • It Makes You Calmer And Sane

Another amazing benefit of fresh air is that it takes away your stress and makes it into happiness. After having a stressful day at work, you can calm yourselves by being in a place that has fresh air. It increases serotonin production (also known as a happy hormone) that will make you more contented.  

  • It Is Healthy For Our Brain

Have you ever felt fresher and healthier from jogging in the park or spending some time in the wood? It is due to the fresh air. Spending time in fresh air improves our brain functioning and you are able to perform our work from efficiently. It improves your concentration and makes you more successful in your work.

You may have pet at your home and suffering from allergies but you don’t know the reason behind. In that case the only way to overcome this situation is removing pet hair from air which will make the air fresher. 

How to Make The Air Fresh In Your Home?

There are a lot of people falling ill these days. It is due to the lack of fresh air available to us. The increased amount of pollution has made it impossible for us to get fresh air. However, you can still go to places that are free from the harms of human such as forest or others to get fresh air. You can also make the air fresh in your home in the following ways:

  • Opening the windows more often
  • Decorate your house with plants that give more oxygen 
  • Use beeswax candles
  • Use an air purifier

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