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Below is the list for the best free microsoft visio alternative in 2017.  Microsoft visio is a diagram or a drawing tool. These are some of the best free and paid drawing and diagram tools that are better than visio and are the best professional Microsoft visio alternatives. You can use these tools to make or draw a workflow diagram, flowcharts, UML diagrams. Just follow the below article to know which are the best free visio alternative’s in 2017.

Microsoft Visio has often been the project manager’s choice for visual communication. The popular diagramming software syncs with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Sharepoint, and while the resultant diagrams tend to be dry, they’re certainly professional and functional.

There are a few major problems with Visio though:

  • It’s expensive. The professional version costs $589.99 — and that’s just one copy.
  • There is no sync with Microsoft Project (unless you install custom code), let alone other project management software.
  • Users have complained that the latest version of Visio is difficult to use.

The tool used to be considerably more user friendly then it is now. One of the biggest problems I have run into is trying to attach various lines (e.g. sequence flows, message flows) where I want to attach them. This used to be very simple and straightforward. This new version of Visio has “fixed” that by making it almost impossible. My time to create a process model has now doubled. A relatively simple change, that took about 30 minutes, now takes upward of an hour, with half that time trying to get the lines to hook up the way they need to be hooked up… This product does not even rate a full star.

When I looked at Visio alternatives, I used these three criteria as a starting point: the software had to be affordable, sync with some form of PM software, and be simple to use.

With those heuristics in mind, let’s dive into the eight best Microsoft Visio alternatives, sorted alphabetically.

1. Lucidchart -Free Visio AlternativeWhich are the Best Free Microsoft Visio Alternative's

Lucidchart is the best visio alternative and lots of companies have replaced visio with lucidchart.

Out of all the companies listed here, LucidChart has really standout clients. They include  Autodesk, box, Fidelity, MIT, Mozilla, Ralph Lauren, and USA Today along with 5 million individual users.

Given LucidChart’s popularity, one has to wonder whether the software lives up to the hype. In short: It looks like these major businesses, universities, and newspapers made a great choice.

It allows users to import .vssx, .vsdx, .vsd, and .vdx files and export .vdx files along with image types like .PNG and .JPEG. Optimized for collaboration, Lucidchart allows users to easily share documents, leave comments, and even chat within the document view.

LucidChart is great for a number of industries, including construction for floor plans and IT for UML and ERD diagrams.

Compatible with: JIRA, Confluence

Price: Starts at $4.95 a month for one user. Businesses can upgrade to the “team” plan for $30 a month ($20 a month if paid annually) for five users, which includes third-party integrations, professional shapes and features, and team-based features like billing and permissions levels.

Operating System(s): Cloud, Linux, Mac, and Windows

2. SmartdrawWhich are the Best Free Microsoft Visio Alternative's

While SmartDraw, by function of its name, is the last Visio alternative on this list, it is by no means the weakest of the alternatives mentioned. I’m particular to how they describe their own product:

SmartDraw is the world’s first visual processor. In the same way that a word processor automatically formats documents, SmartDraw automatically formats your visuals as you create them, making it possible for anyone to create professional-quality visuals of all kinds in minutes.

In short, SmartDraw is easy enough that even the least aesthetically-abled businessperson can use it. SmartDraw does not allow custom diagrams; rather, it provides a whole host of templates across sectors (business, education, and even architecture and manufacturing) so businesses can get down to designing their charts quickly.

SmartDraw still relies on Sharepoint to communicate, so users aren’t completely unleashed from Microsoft’s hold. It also integrates with Microsoft Project, the most popular project management software. Fow Windows users who aren’t ready to completely release themselves from Microsoft, SmartDraw is the obvious upgrade from Visio.

Compatible with: SharePoint, Microsoft Project

Price: Starts at $197 per license

Operating System(s): Cloud and Windows

3. CacooWhich are the Best Free Microsoft Visio Alternative's

Cacoo is the best diagram and drawing tool that can replace visio with its great features.  Visit Cacoo Here.

4. CreatelyWhich are the Best Free Microsoft Visio Alternative's

Creately is also one of the visio alternative that offers free latest upgrades. Also, it comes with automatic backup feature.

The makers of Creately clearly had one vision in mind: design a competitor that is more intuitive, more expansive, and more cost-effective than Microsoft Visio.

Creately has over 1,000 diagram templates and symbols, runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and the cloud, offers free online collaboration software, and includes revision history, integrated Google Image search, and shared project libraries. On each and every one of these fronts, Creately wins over Visio in terms of what and how much they provide.

Creately falls a little flat in terms of customer support. The company expects most users to find answers in their help forum and video and written tutorials, but that doesn’t help much if you’re without internet access.

Compatible with: Confluence, Jira

Price: Free for five diagrams; starts at $5 a month for personal use. For companies who have will have 5+ users, pricing starts at $25 a month (or $239 a year).

Operating System(s): Cloud, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

5. Gliffy

Gliffy is another great solution for people who prefer to work directly from their web browsers. There is nothing to download and install, just run it on your favorite browser. It is one of the best tools if you are looking to collaborate with co-workers exchanging ideas with the use of diagrams. You can also allow your colleagues to edit their diagrams in order to share ideas. Http://www.gliffy.com/. Furthermore, it works on Mac or PC and is also easier to use than visio. Visit Gliffy Here.

6. Ardoq

Ardoq is a little-known, Norwegian Microsoft Visio alternative that packs a punch. Made for architects, developers, process owners, project managers, and business owners, this “living documentation” software aims to translate complex information into beautiful charts.

Ardoq aims to “help project managers understand the complete network of systems, requirements, and processes that [their] project may affect.” The software can work as a portfolio or project management system, calculating dependencies and communicating how far along a project is and how far it needs to go.

The templates for visual modeling are fairly robust — Ardoq makes it simple to create common charts, like process flows, sequence diagrams, and relationship diagrams. Should there not be a template that suits your company’s needs, Ardoq offers a plugin editor. Just punch your code in and let the software do the rest of the work!

Compatible with: JavaDoc Doclet plugin for documenting your Java Applications, .NET Assembly Documentation Tool,  API Import tool, Excel Import, Jira

Price: Free trial, pricing available upon request

Operating System(s): Cloud, Mac OS X, and Windows

7. ConceptDraw PRO 10 (Paid)

ConceptDraw PRO is made to be used with ConceptDraw PROJECT, a project management system that’s great for Mac users and for those concerned about resource allocation. While I wouldn’t recommend PRO as a standalone Microsoft Visio alternative, it works great in conjunction with PROJECT.

All you have to do is go into PROJECT and fill out the data needed to create a report. From there, PRO creates beautiful representations of this integrated information. PRO exports and imports a huge number of file formats and offers live objects that automatically update with this data.

The system is easy to use and has tons of useful templates. If you’re using ConceptDraw PROJECT, upgrade your experience with PRO. You can not only make beautiful charts with it, but also standout presentations, ending your dependence on Microsoft Powerpoint.
Compatible with: ConceptDraw PROJECT

Price: $199

Operating System(s): Mac and Windows

8. OmniGraffle Pro 6

If you’re an Apple lover, you’ve probably heard of Omni Group (its project management product, OmniPlan, made our list of “The Top 4 Project Management Software for Mac”). Capitalizing on Apple users’ penchant for sleek and simple design, OmniGraffle is a “first-class drawing tool for people who aren’t first-class artists.” It was created to be the Mac version of Visio, and it can import and export Visio XML.

There is a bit of a Photoshop feel to OmniGraffle. Project managers can use and manipulate their own images with masks, allowing the users to get rid of the common save, import, crop, repeat process common with diagramming.

The templates are smooth and Apple-chic, meaning they’re clutter-free and stripped of any excess that may detract from the chart. The Pro version includes shared layers, multiple editing windows, shape combinations, and Visio support.

Compatible with: OmniPresence

Price: $99 for basic; $199 for Pro.

Operating System(s): Mac OS X


The above list shows the best free microsoft visio alternative in 2017 includes.

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