Ways to increase engagement on social media


Some say that the number of followers does not matter, you also hear experts claim that the number itself is just a value. Meanwhile,we believe there is reason in both cases. Therefore, we will explain how to gain followers on social networks .

Social media have become the perfect partner for brands. It has several roles, one of which is the customer, so much is that 60% of consumers recommend a brand if it responds quickly to your comments.

Ways to increase engagement on social media

For Millennials, social networks have become a space for branding, debate and generally build relationships with brands if they generate long – term trust and value.

Right Timing

To increase the engagement of your posts on social media, find out when your followers are most likely to be online and then schedule your posts on the basis of these times.  The objective is to make sure that your followers see your posts because only then they will “like” and comment on them. 

The best times to post may vary based on many factors, such as time zone and the target demographic. But it may also differ according to the social channels you are using.  So you may need to run some tests to see which works the best for you on the different platforms. 

According to an analysis made of 16 studies by CoSchedule, Facebook post tend to have more success between 13 and 14 on weekends. On Twitter, however, the best solution to reach more followers is to publish around 12-13 during the work week. The Instagram users are present in virtually all week, with a peak of activity around 8 am and 9 am.  Check out how to buy Instagram followers to reach more audience.

This means you’ll need to think different publishing plans if you really want to capture the largest number of users on different social networks.

Follow the right people

You have not been through this point? No, this is a different step. You have created a starting point, now you have to follow people to grow . People that are related to your industry, active and useful to your job. 

Start making interaction outside Twitter. Leave comments on blogs, creating an undercurrent of interactions that bring on Twitter but are born at a different venue. Maybe on blogs, on Facebook, Google Plus . And then study the public: what is the most active user? What is the user that leaves more comments? Follow him, create a virtual link, add it to your followers and start making conversation. Continue indefinitely now …

Post, update, engage

Now that you’ve identified your audience and, therefore, your social reference, the second step to increase followers is represented by a real activity and proper cultivation of the page. Open it and abandon it to its fate (or, worse, badly manage it ) is, in fact, the best way to make bad publicity. And, therefore, not to generate leads. Instead, keep the page, insert all the information about the company, update tasks and respond to messages will reinforce the contact with followers, thus increasing community. Without forgetting the most important part: to publish the contents of your site or your blog. As they say in the context of Marketing, in fact, “content is the king”.

Sponsorships and editorial plan

To make your content more effective and possibly viral, then, most of the social networks offer the opportunity to sponsor them by means of specific advertising campaigns. They must be designed according to a specific publishing plan, made on the basis of a careful analysis not only of the public but also the best times, that is, those in which the audience of your company is more active and receptive. This set of strategies can be carried out through the use of special instruments that monitor the various community activities and help in planning the most suitable for your requirements.

Learn how to segment your audience

Segmentation is an important step to gain followers on social networks, when you have a public passage interested in your brand, what you offer and your content, you can ensure that the level of interaction is high.

When you have a perennial interest in hearing what you do, you become the focus of those who might be potential customers. So it will cause a gradual increase in your list of followers.

This action applies to all platforms, you only have to create search mechanism different for each social network and act according to the style of each.

Segmenting could involve cleaning your list of those fake and inactive followers . It also means choosing who to follow and who not. For example, do segmentation in social networks can lead you to go to a public that understands in a specific language, to exclude people by age, gender, preferences, and even keywords.

What benefits you can get by winning followers on social networks?

Followers can talk right or wrong of a brand. When you insist on generating followers on social networks, you get more “likes” retuits, or what is the same and that greater Engagement is what we call advertising word of mouth .

You have followers who will read your content. In addition, those who are really interested in your brand, they are more likely to use your products, at the same time generate loyal customers, both are characteristics of successful companies.

  •        You gain more credibility as you gain followers on social networks. Social Media expert with 10,000 followers has more credibility than the expert in Social Media with 50 followers.

In many cases, people will want to see your numbers (ie, the number of followers) before buying one of your products. Most best-selling authors also have more than 50,000 followers, while others exceed 300,000.

  •         You will see a dramatic increase in blog traffic. As you get more traffic from your social networks, the traffic you get from search engines will also increase.

Build a strong audience on social networks is one of the easiest ways to get more traffic from search engines ways.

  •        You ‘ll have more opportunities. Since having a larger audience gives more credibility, people will start to give their vote of confidence, which will generate more opportunities. It is easy to catch someone who bought fake followers using TwitterAudit.
  •         Suddenly your products look better, and get more sales. The person with 300,000 real fans know a lot about Social Media and your niche.

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