A waterproof iPhone 7 and a iPhone 6C with larger battery?

The train rumors concerning the prospective iPhone accelerates. Double blow today with an iPhone 7 waterproof and cleared of unsightly antennas, and an iPhone 6C with a beautiful battery and A9 processor.

A waterproof iPhone 7 and a iPhone 6C with larger battery?

After a period of relative calm, now things are accelerating around a bit the next iPhone. IPhone 7 obviously, but also the iPhone 6C talked about for several months now, but still absent from the catalog.Strangely elsewhere since the iPhone 5C had experienced an honorable success in his time. waterproof iPhone 7

A waterproof iPhone 7 and a iPhone 6C with larger battery?
A waterproof iPhone 7 and a iPhone 6C with larger battery?

On the iPhone 7, Digitimes (which is not always reliable) announced that the next edition will be the first to offer a resistance to water and dust. A great site for Apple, which will require review at least part of the design of the phone. With the experience of the Xperia Z, Galaxy S5 and now the Moto G 3, however it is known now around most of the technical problems. The thing is far from insurmountable.

Second point made by Digitimes, the phone’s design. According to them, Apple would seek to remove the plastic strips unsightly found the iPhone 6 and 6S. This is required for antennas because aluminum does not decently allows to pass the air. The firm circumventing the problem with a new composite material that would remove these bands, or at least make them invisible. What have a frame in one piece to a devastating look.

iPhone 6C: 4 inches, but with a larger battery – waterproof iPhone 7

As for the iPhone 6C, the rumor comes from Chinese site MyDrivers , which is not very reliable Digitimes.According to them, the next smartphone 4 inch Apple would adopt the iPhone 6S A9 processor with 2GB of RAM at his side. More interestingly perhaps, the presence of a battery of 1642 mAh against 1570 on the iPhone 5S.

Contrary to what the iPhone 5C, the 6C should retain its premium appearances, including retaining an aluminum robe. The phone will finally be equipped with a rear sensor 8 mpx and a fingerprint sensor. The price of the machine would not be significantly lower than that of larger terminals. Mystery instead on the release date, we have heard of the spring, but it is also possible that it happens at the same time that the iPhone 7 in September.

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