Where does the water come from? – Origin of water on earth


Where does our water come from – Origin of water on earth

Scientists have looked long and hard into the origins of earth water and what they have found is amazing. our planet shouldn’t be wet at all.  the place where the earth is right now seems very dry.so if the earth formed as a dry rock around a hot young star then how did this water get here.

Origin of water on earth
Origin of water on earth

Origin of water on earth? Water covers about 75% of the Earth’s surface. The origin of water on Earth, or the reason that there is clearly more liquid water on the Earth than on the other rocky planets of the Solar System, is not completely understood. There exist numerous more or less mutually compatible hypotheses as to how water may have accumulated on the earth’s surface over the past 4.6 billion years in sufficient quantity to form oceans.

Origin of water on earth
Origin of water on earth

When did water form on earth? Every possibility has problems and we want to know the answer. Tracing the exact source of Earth’s water is surprisingly complex. The journey starts over four point six billion years ago during the formation of our solar system, a vast cloud of gas and dust hangs in space. Inside this cloud atoms of hydrogen and oxygen proliferate. Oxygen is one of the most abundant atoms in the universe, hydrogen is the most abundant atoms in the universe. You are going to get a lot of whatever it is they form. over for millions of years these highly reactive Atoms bind together to form h2o ‘water’. water is a fairly simple molecule it is made of two hydrogen and one oxygen. This newly formed Water sticks to dust grains inside the gas cloud, slowly building up into crystals revised, eventually the Icey dusty Cloud become so dense it starts to collapse under.

“We cannot rule out the addition of water to Earth’s surface after its formation (i.e. via comets and asteroids), but our data suggests that Earth had water from the very beginning of its formation, so a large amount of water addition later was not necessarily needed to produce our oceans.” Dr. Lydia Hallis, lead author of the study, told IFLScience.

Origin of water on earth
Origin of water on earth

Origin of water on earth? This begins the process that forms our solar system. There is enough water here to fill the Earth’s oceans three million times over. when we see stars that are forming right now and then we study hundreds thousands of them we see discs of material beginning to orbit around young stars gas,dust and there is  certainly quite a bit of water in that material. Gravity pulls more and more material into the center of the cloud, raising pressure and temperature. Eventually the extreme forces Spark fusion and a protostar are infants size bursts into life. Bad news for the water surrounding the newly born star.

The environment of a star when it forms is incredibly hot and violent, any water that was existing in that region; because water is a volatile material would be destroyed, water cannot exist nearest star early on during its formation.

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