The universal cancer vaccine is one step closer

The cancer is a difficult disease to fight really given the nature of it, because it is not an invasion of foreign bodies such as bacteria or virus. Basically, our own “maddening” cells become cancerous, why for decades the most frequent option to combat it has been envenar to all cells of the body in the hope that cancer from suffering more. Luckily there are many investigations being carried out in this field, and there are increasing efforts to find a less aggressive way. One of the most pervasive new methods is to help our immune system to identify cancer cells to stop “camouflage” with others, and white blood cells are able to detect and attack them .

universal cancer vaccine
universal cancer vaccine

Thus the principle of vaccines, which consist in introducing into the body something that resembles the microbe to be counteracted takes advantage. The aim of the research is to convince, in this case, the immune system to attack any tumor with which they are in their journey through the body.

Simply modifying the RNA used in the injection, it is theoretically possible to mobilize the body’s immune system against any type of cancer. This not only possible to develop vaccines quickly and cheaply, but virtually any tumor could be encoded by RNA. universal cancer vaccine

For now, they have conducted tests on various models of tumors in mice noting that the system effectively attacks cancer cells, and also with a small test group three melanoma patients. In the latter case also the expected reaction occurred and the immune system attack the cancer.

The challenge presented is that each tumor is different, so it would be necessary to adapt the vaccine for each patient, although only would it change a single component thereof to do so. Still, the researchers do not want to venture and stresses that the data are not sufficient to say that is able to create a universal vaccine, but it is a step towards that goal. universal cancer vaccine

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