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For your videos to get good results you need them known among the audience. You can create the most fun and informative video on YouTube, but that alone does not guarantee an audience of potential consumers. You ‘ll have to promote your video in as many ways as possible to spread the word about your business.

Can you imagine how many competitors you have on YouTube, who want to succeed as much as you (or even more)? And everyone has the opportunity to use the Google search and find some unique ways to promote your channel. And some of them take advantage of that opportunity. 

How to get more subscribers on YouTube? How to get more YouTube views? There are a lot of similar questions. To help you overcome the noise with a lasting impact and save you time, we’ve found the most effective ways to help you promote your YouTube channel forms.

We share the most successful techniques to promote a new video on YouTube: 

1. Promote on the company blog
your blog or website is the perfect place to promote your video from your loyal consumer base instead. 

2. Write to your list of emails
When you upload a new video to YouTube, send an email with a link of it to all of your contacts. 

3. Use social networks
List your videos in your tweets and status updates, and include a link to them in the message. Facebook allows you to embed YouTube videos on your status updates; you just need to paste the video URL in your status and updates will appear on your fans feed. Twitter, also allows you to insert the links in the tweet. On Pinterest you can ‘Pin it ‘ YouTube videos on your virtual boards. 

Where you can share your video?

  • In case you have a website, it would be great to have one of your videos embedded in the home page or other pages most visited on your site.
  • If you’re a blogger and want to start your video series on YouTube, share your videos on your blog would be a great way to drive traffic to your YouTube channel.
  • Post videos on social networking platforms is also an excellent form of promotion. I bet you have an active Facebook page or Twitter. Why not also post your videos there? Your followers will appreciate that they easy to enjoy your valuable content.

You can also promote your videos on social bookmarking sites and news like Reddit and StumbleUpon. When you put a link to your video on these sites, you can reach more people. However, self – promotion is ‘punished’ in many of these sites, so you should do it as subtle as possible. 

You can also use this highly recommended and effective VidOrange youtube promotion services for your channel. They help you to grow your channel organically and will also provide the real-time reports.

4. Make traditional public relations
While most companies focus their efforts on the web, you should not leave out the public relations. This means creating press releases when uploading an important video, as well as making calls and writing emails to media trade groups, publications, and blogs. Be sure to include the link in the newsletter to make it easier for managers to link directly to your videos. 

5. Advertising on YouTube
If you can afford it, one option is to advertise your videos on YouTube using Google AdWords for Video. These are called ads, and appear on the YouTube site, reaching potential users and linking them to your YouTube channel. TrueView ads are pay per click , as traditional AdWords ads. So you only pay for the people who see your ad. 

You can Start by entering your account Google AdWords and link your YouTube account. Set a daily budget and then select the video to show your ad and the type of ad you want.

Google offers four types of ads: Those which appear in the search results when someone types the keywords that you chose; and the others in the related videos; which they appear as a teaser at the beginning of another video; commercial and emerging half long videos. 

Videos that appear in search results are best for businesses, since most of the videos viewed on YouTube are found by the search.

The next step requires that you set the maximum cost per view; This is the maximum amount you’re willing to pay per click. You can start with a small amount (as a dollar per day), depending on your budget. Then you choose how to define your ad, either by demographics and interests or keywords. This step is essential for ads shown in search results. 

Once your campaign is running, you can use the panel AdWords to measure the performance of your ads, including the number of views. Depending on the results, you might have to change your strategy and create new ads.

Some tips beyond the content to create compelling videos on your YouTube channel:

  • Keep your video short but informative;
  • Plan your story in advance and have a script to follow;
  • Plunge into specific topics and try to provoke a response from your audience.
  • Add custom captions to your videos;
  • Uses a camera and a microphone high quality;
  • Consider using external tools to edit your videos when they are ready


There are two basic types of collaboration on YouTube:

  • Collaboration between YouTube channels equally large or small, that take advantage of the potential for promotion and
  • Collaboration between a large and a small one channel, which gives the small exposure to a much larger audience.

If you’re a small channel, it will be a challenge to establish cooperation with major channels unless you have a card hidden under an incentive sleeve for them. However, you can easily cooperate with other equally recognized Youtuberos.

Some quick tips to get started:

  • Defines the objectives of the collaborations you want to perform. Ideally, the goal of the collaboration is to acquire new viewers, subscribers, etc.
  • Find a partner in your niche or with similar interests;
  • When choosing a partner, pay attention to your audience and the degree of overlap between yours;
  • After finding the right partner, contact and send your ideas and objectives regarding the proposed cooperation. If you have a basic script for a video to show, that’s perfect;
  • Before you two have agreed to work together, make sure they are on the same page as you.
  • If at first you do not receive any answer, do not give up

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