Tips to Decrease Your Data Usage on iOS and Android


There was a time when smartphone plans offer limited text messages and call minutes with unlimited data. Nowadays, the situation is opposite because you will get unlimited texts and minutes along with data caps. In this situation, you have to choose an affordable data plan. Visit this link select a data plan without hidden limits, speed throttling, or unexpected charges. It is essential to keep an eye on data usage to avoid additional expense. Here are some tips to decrease your data usage on iOS and Android.

There are ways to reduce mobile data usage on Android and iPhone. Tips to reduce high data usage on your iPhone or iPad in iOS and Android. Turn Off Cellular Data Usage for iCloud. Disable Automatic Downloads on Cellular Data. Disable Wi-Fi Assist. Monitor or Disable Data Hungry Apps. Disable Background App Refresh. Avoid Streaming High-Quality Music.

Decrease Your Data Use on iOS and Android
Decrease Your Data Use on iOS and Android

Understand Your Data Needs

It is possible to overestimate your data needs. If you want to save money, you should estimate your actual needs. Check the website of career and review your data use over a few years. Choose a plan with a higher data limit as compared to your need. 

An online data calculator may help you to have a rough estimate of data usage. Check out if the carrier offers some rollover data options. Sometimes, extra data can help you in emergencies.

Set Data Limits and Alerts

Check data use on your iOS device by exploring “Settings – Cellular or Mobile data”. The data stats don’t rest every billing period automatically. You will do it manually to decrease confusion. If you need a tailored method to track data on an iPad or iPhone, you must check third-party apps. Some data managers can help you to set alarms for exceeded data limit from a certain amount.

For your Android phone, check data usage similar to iOS, but set limits and alerts. Explore “Settings – Wireless and Networks” and tap Mobile data or Data usage. You will get these options under network settings. For Samsung Galaxy, you can see Settings – Connections to search data usage. In this location, you can see a table for data use for a specific period. 

Feel free to toggle set data limit and move red and black lines to set exclusive alerts. You can trigger notifications with black lines after approaching the limit. The red lines represent the verge where your device shuts off mobile data. Android offers some tailored apps to track data usage. Unlike iOS, built-in control of Android is good. In the presence of these controls, you may not need any external app.

Use Wi-Fi When Possible

If you want to decrease the usage of cellular data, you must use Wi-Fi. With Wi-Fi excess, you can save data and money. Wireless access is available in different public places, such as departmental stores, supermarkets, and parks.

Some devices may need you to accept terms and conditions. After accepting these terms and conditions, you can automatically connect to a wireless connection. Some carriers facilitate you with hotspot networks. AT&T may offer connectivity via hotspot networks. Verizon provides with similar services and hotspot prefers the use of T-Mobile for a specific fee. 

You can access free Wi-Fi hotspots even without hotspot access. If you want to secure your identity on a public network, you can use a reliable VPN.

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