Tips to Conserve Your Smartphone Battery

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Fed up with charging your phone every night? We offer some simple tips and tricks you can use to make your phone’s battery last longer, plus point out the battery saving myths that won’t help you at all.

Any smartphone you are using will not succeed a day; even in 2016, it’s tough to go much longer than 24 hours without charging your smartphone. We are still far behind and lacking some serious better battery options. Better battery technology simply hasn’t arrived yet, and we are dependable on extra battery cases or smartphone portable chargers and settings to stretch out the limited power of our mobile devices for as long as possible.

The real thing, if you are waiting for or in search of a smartphone that you think will  give you a week’s use out of a smartphone; but, because of those big, bright screens along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G you will not get that type of smartphone at-least in this decade. However, by following our advice and making a few changes to your phone’s settings (and maybe even changing the way you use your phone) you should be able to extend its battery life by a good chunk.

These days there’s a huge choice of portable USB power banks, which you can use to charge your phone on the go. Plus, if you have a popular handset, you may find there are specific cases which incorporate batteries to give you extra power at the expense of only a little more bulk and weight.

What we’re not going to suggest here is to use your phone less. Our aim is to show you how to reduce your handset’s power consumption without making it unusable.

So, here are 10 ways you can boost your smartphone’s battery life, plus the battery saving myths that won’t help at all. See also: Amazing expert tips on how to properly charge your phone.


1. Boost battery life: Tip 1. Dim the screen brightness or use auto brightness can save battery

Low Power Mode: To turn Low Power Mode on or off, tap Settings > Battery. Your iPhone will last longer before you need to charge, but some features might take longer to update or to complete. Some tasks might not work until you turn off Low Power Mode, or until you charge your iPhone to 80% or higher.

Everyone love their smartphone’s large and colourful display, but the display of your smartphone squeezes the most of its juice and it is the big enemy of your smartphone battery life. The display of your android or iPhone smartphones like iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and galaxy s6 , s7 have bigger any brighter displays and it consumes More battery than any other component of your phone, the display consumes battery life at a devastating pace. Most phones include an auto-brightness feature that automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness to suit ambient lighting levels.

Black pixels are unlit, so the more black pixels you have, or the more darker pixels, the less power is needed to light them up.

Low power mode on iPhone and Power saving mode on android phones uses less power than constantly running your screen at full brightness would, of course, but you’ll get even better results by turning your screen’s brightness down to the lowest setting that you can tolerate and leaving it there.


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