Thrustmaster Y-350X, inspired by the legendary game Doom headphones


Thrustmaster Y-350X, specializing in gaming peripherals and accessories brand, has announced a new high-end headphones for PC and Xbox One, inspired by the famous game “DOOM” from ID Software.

Thrustmaster has announced some juicy headphones, for a certain generation of players will be a great discovery to give continuity to the gaming experience on Windows PCs or game consoles Xbox One: the Y-350X , beyond good benefits provided for the instrument, have inspired the legendary DOOM design, title made famous by ID Software.

Thrustmaster Y-350X
Thrustmaster Y-350X


Had you ever felt the excitement and nerves to the surface only managed to inspire Doom in your day? Headphones high – end Y-350X aim to provide a component of atmosphere in case you want to relive the past, moving between the mysterious and noisy corridors devised by ID Software .

 Thrustmaster Y-350X

This accessory has a format large,  and an important padding for both the interior of the headband pads to each handset: maximum comfort for the player face to face a long period of use is sought.Do not miss either a detachable microphone, if you will not be playing in cooperative mode.

Thrustmaster Y-350X
Thrustmaster Y-350X

Thrustmaster  has endowed the Y-350X about powerful  drivers of 60 mm , the audio quality will be enhanced by deep bass sound and virtual 7.1 by AM3D . Do you think image is everything? In games like DOOM or Call of Duty, the sound is the other 50% of the experience that one seeks tolive.

These headphones will be available in the Spanish market from May 13 at a price of £129.99. You can get more information on the official website of Thrustmaster.

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