The Google Maps Go app


Google Maps has released its synonym version application called “Google Maps Go”. Google which unleashed its new Android version called “Android Oreo” has pre-installed this app for the devices which get this Android version as their Operating -System. The app is available in the play store for the Android users which i.e. exclusively for the android phones with the android version 4.3 or more.

How is this “Maps Go” different from the main app?

The latest version or the semi version of the Google maps is more or less similar to its parental version, but as per the builder’s claims these are the features it provides:

  1. PWA i.e. Progress Web Application version which builders usually tend to situate is provided to the users through a shortcut by the Maps Go application.
  2. It detects your location automatically through the GPS which is similar to the main application.

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  1. It provides you with the directions and keeps you updated about the new lanes which the main application has been doing for a while now.
  1. It gives you the traffic information but the glitch here is it provides the information only for the cars. So don’t fantasise too much on this.
  2. It gives you the information on Public Transit.
  3. It gives you information on pedestrian ways which quite elaborately detailed and better than main application.
  4. This application supports in almost 70 countries around the world.
  5. The builders of the application claim that this application tends to cover less space of your mobile phones and is easy and faster for the users to use.

Why use this application?

As this is the lighter version of the main application, we can’t expect much from this. But to the people who actually want to try on latest things, here are the insights which might catch your eyes;

  • The size of the application is very low compared to the main application, this Google Go application comes with a file size of only 5MB.


  • There were complaints from the various users that the Google Maps consume larger data and people tend to abstain it more often. But now you will put an end to that concern as well. The builders of the application claim that the Maps Go app consumes less than 40% data of what the main application used to consume.
  • The application is available for the android phones with the android version 4.3 and more. 

Although the application doesn’t have much to attract the user attention, it can attract huge fan base from the old android users. Features like less file size with just 5MB and the fact that it just uses 40% of your data will definitely garner the users who like to use the lighter applications rather than the applications with high infographics and size. If you are one of those then open your play store and download the application. Like they say “You never know unless you give a try”.

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