How To Take A Screenshot On An iPhone X

How do you take screen shots with iPhone X if it doesn't have a Home button? Without a home button, there's bound to be a few new things to learn. Taking a screenshot. Taking screenshots with physical buttons


The steps required to take a screenshot on the iPhone X are a little different to what you might be familiar with. Here’s everything you need to know. How to screenshot iPhone X?

The new iPhone X lost the home button that was so comfortable. So let’s see how we need to make screenshots now on iPhone X.How To Take A Screenshot On An iPhone X

Want to take a screenshot of iPhone X? Of course you can snap screenshots of iPhone X, but you’ve undoubtedly noticed by now that iPhone X has no Home button, and thus the familiar screenshot method pressing the Home Button and the Power Button no longer works to capture the screen of iPhone X.

The absence of the home button on iPhone X has been supplanted with the use of certain gestures that make the interaction with the device very convenient. However, without the home button, Apple had to find another method to allow screenshot capture . Which? Let’s find out together how to shoot screenshots on iPhone X.

IPhone X Screenshot: how to do it

Maybe you will not believe it, but taking a screen on the new iPhone X is nothing complicated. Simply press the power button and the power button at the same time.

You will not have to hold down, otherwise you will go into emergency mode!

To take a screenshot with the iPhone X, press and hold the only button on the right side of your phone, then press and release the volume up button on the left side. This will take a screenshot of whatever is on your iPhone at the time, and show you a preview of that screen grab in the bottom left.

And notch?

You will be wondering whether the high notch (black bar) will appear in the screenshot. Well, actually not. You will see the bar as high as a rectangle, and where the notch is, you will simply see the color of the status bar without any icon.

iOS 11

With iOS 11, once you’ve taken the screenshot, this will appear at the bottom left and you can share it, take notes, or save it to a different folder very quickly.

As you can see, Apple has also thought of everything about the iPhone X screenshots. And you? Did you buy it? How are you doing?

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