Autism Photos: The series of photos of the parent reflects the many faces that have autism

A Glenn Gameson-Burrows has always liked to take pictures of their children, especially his daughter Aneira, who has two years and an autism spectrum disorder.

Autism Photos

To raise awareness and banish the most common myths about the condition of his daughter, this Welsh father began photographing other children (and some adults) with autism. And he collected images in a series called Magpie , which means ‘magpie’. Autism Photos

“My hope is that these photographs make people think , ” said Gameson-Burrows to the US edition of The Huffington Post , to realize that autism is not always visible. “If there is a child who screams at the supermarket is not always a spoiled. A stressed father is not a bad parent. A child who puts things in a row, hidden objects, eats in a strange way or makes strange noises is not it impolite or rude, just different. ” Autism Photos

Autism Photos
Autism Photos


The title of the series comes from the special nickname that Gameson-Burrows calls Aneira. “From tiny, Aneira always been attracted to shiny objects, as if a hoarder or magpie syndrome. Floor call my little Magpie”. In his work with other children and youth, Gameson-Burrows has learned that all people with autism they are unique. ” We all have personalities, obsessions and different routines and sometimes also difficult to communicate and make sense of everything around them , ” he said. The father also realized that other parents of autistic children shared the same concerns and fears that he and his wife , my child independently you can live? Will a good education? Will you marry and have children? Will friends? You will will suffer bullying? Autism Photos

Autism Photos
Autism Photos


Gameson-Burrows describes raising a child with autism is “exhausting, uncertain, frustrating, stressful, heartbreaking, challenging and noisy.” But above all, it is rewarding. Autism Photos

“All Aneira days surprises us. Maybe a normal father did not seem much, but the first time we took our hands Aneira without departing was a milestone for our family,” he says. “The more progress we see, the more rewarding it is and makes the toughest days and nights worthwhile. This is a long-haul process and we are doing the best we can.”

Gameson-Burrows expects its awareness project will contribute to the adoption of measures in Wales (and worldwide) to support families affected by autism. This Welsh sees many possibilities for improvement, from an increase in investment for early diagnosis to assistance for people with autism entering the workforce.

“Everyone is different and everyone faces challenges in life,” he says. “This is our challenge, but I love our daughter is different. They are great kids and honestly, if we paid more attention, could learn a few things.”

Then you can take a look at the incredible pictures that made Glenn Gameson-Burrows children with autism.

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