SEO domination in 2019: Google Ranking trends


Those who work in the digital world must be ready to upgrade their skills because they make better use of the other an emerging platform or guess a choice can make a difference. Here are 10 aspects of SEO that you need to keep an eye out for the new year.

More than 200 of Google ranking factors known to today. The most important factors and relevant today are those related to:

  • Domain
  • Page
  • Website
  • Backlink
  • User experience
  • Signals related to brand
SEO domination in 2019: Google Ranking trends
SEO domination in 2019: Google Ranking trends
  1. Search engines are no longer limited to showing a number of the link in the list of results, but they have the most diverse content: images, video, audio and so on.
  2.  Therefore, when you are searching the keywords for which to place a page on your site, you have to look at the SERP corresponding to the word you want to choose. If all results are, for example, laptops and your page contain a laptop, you have to think of another keyword.

In the selection of keywords you can choose two paths:

  • Try to position yourself for more generic keywords , so you have a wider potential audience but also less specialized.
  • Opt for more precise keywords to attract less public but have more chances of conversion.

To understand what is expected of the public must know. Your site can be optimized properly, but it is not thought to improve the browsing experience of the right audience, it is penalized by the search engines. The ultimate goal of these practices is you get to create content that can anticipate subsequent searches at first to increase the users’ time spent on your site.

3. Do not give in to the belief that to be successful with a blog is necessary to publish as much. Today, search engines reward the depth of the post, the ability to get really specific and address all the facets of a topic.

To achieve this, in addition to the quality of the content, it is important to their organization. The topic of the cluster strategy allows you to scale the positions of the SERP with a general article linked to other more specific post on the same subject. 

4. The SEO is not just a matter of keywords. The algorithm of search engines ranks web pages also based on much more technical parameters that you can not afford to ignore:

  • loading speed of pages;
  • JavaScript integrations.

A perfectly optimized site which is slow in loading will immediately flee users.

5. Just as the optimization of traditional search engines, Google’s voice search favors websites that load quickly.

Make sure:

  • Your site is responsive.
  • The images are optimized.
  • The files are compressed.
  • The response time of your servers is reduced.
  • And other activities that accelerate websites like traditional optimization.
SEO domination in 2019: Google Ranking trends
Google Ranking trends 2019

6. Focus on individual keywords to your landing pages. No need to fill the page with more keywords since RankBrain focuses on keyword categories, talk about the topic cluster. A single keyword that falls under a certain category will get you more traffic efficiently (of course if the site there are also other content within the same topic).

The keyword you choose should not be too long. Choose a keyword of medium length that fits easily to different keywords long tail in the specific category.

Create relevant content. This rule is more important than ever. Artificial intelligence is so artificial, but is smarter than you think. The Google algorithm is able to easily evaluate the quality and relevance of your content.

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