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Do you know how to make a screenshot on PC? Although you probably have an idea how to do it, there are currently several ways to take a screenshot on your Windows PC very simple and fast that you may not know. But don’t worry, we’re here to show you. How to do a snapshot on Windows 10, 8, and Windows 7?

To be able to make a screenshot or screenshot in Windows, we must first locate where the ImprPant / Prnt scn key is located on the keyboard of our computer. You will usually find yourself on the right side of our keyboard, on the arrow keys or cursors. and located to the right of the F12 key or next to the delete key < . Depending on the keyboards the name may change with what you do not panic, we can use the “print screen”, “PrtScn”, “Prnt Scrn” etc

Whether you need technical assistance and someone to help you with an urgent problem, or just want to take a screenshot on PC because you need to quickly save what you are seeing, you will need to know how to do it according to the type of computer you have. The truth is that there are several different ways in Windows, and the method you choose will depend on your preferences. We will guide you through the easiest way to start, and then we will offer you an alternative method at the end.

Want to know how to make screenshot in Windows 10? Below we offer six different ways of how to take screenshot in Windows 10:

Ways to screenshot computer in Windows 10

Want to know how to make screenshot in Windows 10? The screenshot to your computer can be very useful. Maybe you need to save a transaction that you made online, or an image that you want to share with a friend, or maybe capture what happens on your computer in case you need technical support.

Below we offer six simple ways to take screenshot in Windows 10, many of them also work in Windows 7 and Windows 8. This is how you do screenshots on windows computers:

1. Print Screen

Print screen is windows 10 screenshot keyboard shortcut.

Print screen is windows 10 screenshot keyboard shortcut.

NOTE: You can also screenshot dell laptop using this option.

Pressing the key ‘Print Screen’ is certainly the fastest and easiest way to make a screenshot, but also impractical since only keep pressing the key image to the clipboard.

This means you have to open any other compatible program in which to ‘stick’ image and thus to save it.

The system remembers only a single capture, so if you do not save the image immediately, pressing ‘Print Screen’ again clipboard image will be replaced with the new image captured.

That is why if you have to capture several series of images, this method is not recommended. 

2. Alt + Print Screen

This solution works as the previous method but keep only the active window. So if you have several open folders on your desktop, pressing Alt + Print Screen ‘at the same time will allow you to save the image without having to cut all windows and folders background.

3. Windows + H

NOTE: You can also screenshot hp laptop using this option.

If you do a full screen capture and share an online service like email or social networks, press the “Windows + H” keys simultaneously. On your right you will see a selection of places where you can send the image created.

Obviously, the places that appear will be applications you have installed on your computer. You now know 3 ways to how to do screenshot on pc.

4. Tool cuts

Windows 10 has a specific tool for screenshots that is factory installed. You can find it in Accessories System or simply typing in the search box Windows ‘tool cuts’.

When you open it you can select which part of the screen you want to capture: the active window, the entire screen or screens, or just a small part of it. 

The capture will open in the software of this proprietary tool from which you can decide where you want to save the image. Available formats are .png, .html, .jpg and .gif.

5. Windows + mute – Screenshot pc shortcut

Portable devices in Windows 10, the screenshots can be performed as in smartphones and tablets with other operating systems. Press the button with the Windows logo at the same time you press the button Mute (which mutes the sound).

Same thing happens if you press “Windows + Print Screen ‘on your computer or laptop, the screen fades away for a second and a catch that is saved in the folder’ Images’ created by default is created.

6. Applications third parties

The ultimate solution is to use third-party applications specifically designed to take screenshots in Windows 10 or other operating systems. 

You can find own programs as Screenshot Captor or SnapDraw, or extensions as Fireshot or Nimbus . There is a wide range of possibilities, and most of them are free, so you’ll have easy to choose the one that best suits you.

USE THE CLIPPINGS TOOL (OR SNIPPING TOOL) – partial screenshot windows pc

SNIPPING TOOL windows screenshot

The best alternative method is the Windows 10 cropping tool. The screen capture utility built into Windows works quite well, but it is not the most robust or versatile when saving an image. However, the clipping tool is quite useful, as it allows users to better define and capture the part they want from their desktop screen as an image, without the need for a keyboard. It’s not as fast as just pressing Print Screen , but it’s much more accurate.

Simply type it in the Windows 10 search bar to open it. From there, they will give you options such as making a “Free capture “, a “Windows Capture” or a “Rectangular Capture” . You can even set it to delay a certain amount of time if you are trying to capture a precise moment in a video or animation.

It is a tool that is constantly evolving, and with the Windows 10 October 2018 update it  was associated with the image editing functions with the Crop and Annotateapplication. Now, every time you take a screenshot, it will automatically appear as a thumbnail – as MacOS Mojave does – so you can then take it and edit it directly in the Crop and Annotate application.

Free screen recorder for windows 10, Windows 8

Record, save and share videos and screenshots of your screen

Today we will see how to record what you do on Windows 10, without installing any specialized software. Instead, we use the toy bar of Windows 10, which we talked a few days ago when we explained what the game mode.

As the name implies, the Game Bar is intended for use in games, but nothing prevents you from using it in any other application. Your tools are also available whether a game or not, including screen recording.

But to record a video of what you do on your computer is more complicated. Until before Windows 10, you had to install one of the many video screenshot programs. It’s utility? Record a video tutorial to explain how a certain task is done with a certain program, record what happens on the screen as a “security camera” or simply record a game. YouTube is packed with video tutorials and video game games.

Thinking about the latter, Windows 10 integrates the Game DVR or Xbox Game DVR function, which allows you to record videos of what is happening on the screen, be it a video game or any task you do on your Windows desktop. Thus, you do not need to install a specific program or app, simply by activating Game DVR you can record a video, save it and share it if you wish.


To activate Game DVR you have to press the Windows + G keys and a button bar will open: the Xbox button that starts the Xbox app for Windows 10, an icon that when you press takes screenshots in image format , another icon that creates game clips , the button to record and stop the video recording when you decide (which is the one that interests us) and, finally, the configuration button and another to move that bar and do not bother you on the screen.

If Game DVR is not activated with that key combination or if you want to start and stop recording from the keyboard without the need for a button bar, you will have to use the Windows + ALT + R key to start the video recording and press that combination of keys again to stop it. The screen will flash at the beginning and end so you can see that you have activated and deactivated it correctly. If you only want to capture a static image, use Windows key + Alt + Imp Pant .

Game DVR may not be activated. In that case, you will have to go to the Xbox application and in Settings> Game DVR verify that the option Record game clips and screenshots with Game DVR is activated . From that configuration menu you can also know in which folder the captures have been saved in image or video format ( Save captures> Open folder ) although by default they are recorded in the Videos> Captures folder .

Among the configuration options, you can define if you want a timer to be displayed on the screen , useful for not recording more time than desired. It also allows you to record in the background automatically if you are playing. This option, called Record game in the background , saves video clips from the last X seconds or minutes that you previously set.

Game DVR is designed to record games in full screen, but we can use it for any other use. However, for that reason, you will miss certain options, such as highlighting the mouse cursor or recording only one window instead of the entire screen. These functions and more advanced ones are available in specific programs such as Camtasia. But for simple full-screen recordings and without having to install or configure practically anything, Game DVR is an option to consider if you use Windows 10.


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