Sandisk MicroSD cards with 95MB/s


Sandisk has announced new microSD cards designed for smartphones and tablets. They are also used in cameras with a passive adapter and a special feature: they can reach 95MB / s read. This is significantly more than most SD (HC) and it is – according to the company – a record.

Sandisk MicroSD cards with 95MB/s
The SanDisk corporate headquarters in Milpitas, Calif. on Wednesday, May 21, 2014. (Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group)

Sandisk MicroSD cards with 95MB/s

To achieve these speeds, a player with standard UHS-1 is obviously necessary. Conventional SD card readers do not exceed 25 MB / s with a UHS-1 card reader, faster, the theoretical limit is 104 MB / s. the UHS-1 card readers obviously agree conventional cards, and USH-1 cards work (slowly) in a SDHC card reader.

The majority of mobile devices are generally content of a conventional SD interface (25 MB / s) and possibly an MMC interface (which can go up to 50 MB / s), but some recent cameras and card readers ( usually USB 3.0 models) are able to really take advantage of Sandisk cards. Sandisk MicroSD cards with 95MB/s

Sandisk offers two cards: an 8GB, worth $ 60, and a 16GB, worth $ 100. Sandisk MicroSD cards with 95MB/s

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