Samsung Gear VR Review and samsung gear vr price

Samsung Gear VR Review and samsung gear vr price



The Gear VR's relatively low price belies a compelling VR experience, and the games are quickly catching up to the hype. The headset is fairly light, and offers a completely cordless experience.


It only works with some recent Samsung phones. The mobile VR experience still pales in comparison to more robust upcoming PC- and console-based options.

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Samsung Gear VR Review? The new virtual reality helmet Gear VR Samsung, designed with the help of Oculus, is the third model that launched the Korean brand in the space of one year. The latter, having attained true maturity is being finally ready for primetime thanks to games offers and applications worthy of the name. Offered at $ 99 in the US, the Gear VR Version 2015 is available at the same price in France: 99 euros. It is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Edge + S6 and the Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Gear VR Review and samsung gear vr price
Samsung Gear VR Review and samsung gear vr price

The first thing that we recommend to those who try a Gear VR is to sit. Unlike virtual reality helmets of the type of Oculus Rift or HTC Vive that connect to a PC, the VR works with a smartphone, which limits a lot less movement and can lead to blunders … 2016 should see the arrival of three major products: the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive VR and PlayStation from Sony. We tried them all. And yes, they all offer a more realistic illusion, as you would expect a headset powered by a computer or a PlayStation 4. But meanwhile, the Gear VR offers the best experience of really available virtual reality, with bonus freedom to take it anywhere. Owners of a compatible terminal Galaxy, gamers and new can be tempted.

Mobile Virtual Reality – Samsung Gear VR Review

Samsung Gear VR Review and samsung gear vr price
Samsung Gear VR Review and samsung gear vr price

The “mobile” aspect of this type of virtual reality helmet, leaves a mixed review. On the one hand, use anywhere shows that there is no fear of ridicule … It is indeed often the case. But then, this ‘technical’ solution is much more convenient than those that require a connection to a computer. You can take the helmet with you everywhere and simply have his smartphone to take advantage. Simple and efficient.

Samsung Gear VR Review and samsung gear vr price
Samsung Gear VR Review and samsung gear vr price

This new version of the Gear VR is lightweight and compact. The headset is compatible with four Samsung smartphones: the Galaxy Note 5 , Galaxy S6 , S6 Edge and S6 Edge +

Once installed mobile in its seat, the front of the helmet, the Oculus application launches automatically. It is this which gives access to applications and games. When looking at the application directly on the smartphone, it appears as two split images. But seen with the headset, the double convex lenses create an optical illusion that merges the two images to give 3D. Samsung Gear VR Review

The optical illusion associated with motion sensors which follow the movements of the head create a truly convincing immersion sensation. The wearer of the Gear VR headset has the impression of being transported into a new dimension and the best games and applications will make you want to stay there as long as possible.

You should know and be aware that the report depends on the Samsung smartphone model. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and 5.1 inch screen offering a smaller field of view than the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge + and 5.7-inch display. But conversely, the smaller displays have a display density (pixel density or resolution) higher: 577 pixels per inch against 518 pixels per inch.

Samsung Gear VR Review and samsung gear vr price
Samsung Gear VR Review and samsung gear vr price

Command and control for games and applications go via the touch pad located on the right side of the helmet. A system that works very well. Its surface is molded to facilitate finger placement and easy movement in the right direction. A “back” button is placed just above the directional pad. It was moved slightly to the right from the previous model to be more accessible. The elastic headband which is modeled on that of ski goggles is still easy to adjust. As for the vertical band that goes on top of the head, it is not equipped with the plastic holder that made him uncomfortable.

Samsung Gear VR Review and samsung gear vr price
Samsung Gear VR Review and samsung gear vr price

If developers are going to have a lot of work to adapt to new ergonomic codes of virtual reality, we can already say that the best games available on the online store Oculus are very pleasant. You can use a Bluetooth gamepad if you will find a use feeling, gameplay, classic. But be aware that playing in virtual reality is different from what we know on a computer or console. In sound, opt for a Bluetooth headset remains a “must” to amplify the feeling of immersion. The sound from the speakers of the smartphone is obviously not as striking and effective. Samsung Gear VR Review

We repeat, but it’s definitely better sit down. The Gear VR does not have the same tracking technology of head movements that Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive , which means that we can not look around in all directions. We can not lean forward or back, which can lead to situations where the action becomes a little disjointed. This is the case for example of the game “Oculus Arcade” that can play classics such as “Pac Man” or “Sonic”. Unable to look to approach the arcade. If no cable allows travel is at risk of hitting objects or people nearby. Hence the interest to sit …

Also be sure to adjust the headset. Samsung has said that good ventilation is improved, if the headset is a little loose, moisture quickly comes to form. Please have also a microfiber cloth as fingerprints on the smartphone screen obvious once enlarged by headset lenses.

Remember to activate the mode “do not disturb” on your mobile. We can not count the number of times we were interrupted in full play with a message or a text message.

Playing in virtual worlds – Samsung Gear VR Review

Samsung Gear VR Review and samsung gear vr price
Samsung Gear VR Review and samsung gear vr price

We tried a few video games present in the Oculus Store. There are real pearls. “Bazaar” (Temple Gates Games) you install on a flying carpet with the task of catching jewelry and food while fighting enemies.The action would probably be easier to control with a mouse, but it is much more fun and immersive way.We also had fun with “Gunjack” a FPS shooter ( First Person Shooter , first-person shooter with subjective point of view) that takes place in space. Samsung Gear VR Review

But our favorite game is a genre much more peaceful. This is “Land’s End”, an exploration game way “Myst” we control the head and eyes. The player must explore and discover the worlds, find hidden passages in a very meditative mood. A feature particularly liked and convinced us. We hope to see in many games. This is the opportunity to take a photo / image capture what is seen holding your finger on the touchpad. A simple and effective way to share what you see with his entourage.

A private cinema – Samsung Gear VR Review

Netflix is one of the first applications available on the platform. The application installs you in a virtual living room where you watch the program on a fake TV. That’s about all. The amount of 360 degree videos that are available make better use of virtual reality, but we are not yet convinced. The immersive side where you find yourself swimming with sharks or in action with the Cirque du Soleil is indeed impressive. But it also highlights the shortcomings of the platform.

Samsung Gear VR Review and samsung gear vr price
Samsung Gear VR Review and samsung gear vr price

Our criticism is directed here to the material that was used to shoot the video clips. The effect 360 degrees is good, but when wearing this type of helmet, everything is very close and you immediately notice the imperfections. This is the case for example in the movie “Kyrios” Cirque du Soleil. The show takes place all around us, but the actions that occur on the sides of each stage are not as sharp as the image that is really in front of you. It spends its time to turn his head for fear of missing a piece of action somewhere. In the end, little enough we could enjoy the show but it’s a matter of habit. Let me be clear, “Kyrios” is a very good entertainment, but the art of video at 360 degrees will have to improve before we can consider watching longer programs.

The Oculus store – Samsung Gear VR Review

Samsung Gear VR Review and samsung gear vr price
Samsung Gear VR Review and samsung gear vr price

There are two ways to find virtual reality applications for the Gear VR: Oculus see the application from the Samsung mobile and then install it in the VR Gear and navigate the online store. In one case as in the other, it is not very clear. There are hundreds of available games and applications, but all is not well organized. There are tabs for the best applications, news, content promoted by Samsung … But there’s no search tool if we want to find something in particular.

Prices contents vary between 2 and 10 euros and it is necessary to spend a small fortune to build up a toy library / software library well stocked. Meanwhile promised improvements on the interface of the Oculus Store, it will rely on word of mouth to find the best content. “Gunjack”, “Land’s End”, “Keep Talking” and “Nobody Explodes” are safe bets.

Competition – Samsung Gear VR Review

When we tried the Google Cardboard we have praised the concept for its simplicity and ability to democratize virtual reality. This is a very affordable gateway to explore the concept and eventually turn to more efficient equipment. But the Gear VR is still better than those little cardboard toys by combining a powerful smartphone with a customized helmet virtual reality. The Oculus Store is perhaps still expensive, but it still offers much better content than Google Play and it will get better as developers will grow the audience and develop content. Samsung Gear VR Review

Problem and main asset Gear VR: the need to own a Samsung smartphone. Samsung terminals are a key piece of the puzzle. This means that developers who work for the Gear VR take into account a specific hardware configuration with a limited number of screen sizes. They also know they are dealing with a specific hardware configuration with a touch interface, the back button and Oculus interface.

The smartphone fastening system used by the VR Gear is promising. It is not impossible that future Samsung smartphone models are compatible and can adapt to the Gear VR. A condition, however, their screen size and format will not change too much.

We spent a week with us to lose happiness in virtual worlds with the Samsung Gear VR. however, difficult to advise someone who does not have a compatible Samsung smartphone. This would require changing equipment for … “only” benefit of virtual reality. In contrast, those with Samsung phones can run without hesitation. At 99 euros, the Gear VR offers a taste of the future for a very affordable price with already a lot of games and applications to enjoy. Samsung Gear VR Review

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