Samsung Contact Lens camera? Ready to invent


Samsung Contact Lens camera patent

Google unveiled a smart contact lens medically oriented, able to measure real-time blood glucose levels in order to help diabetic people. However, it seems that the Mountain View company is not the only one working in this field. Our colleagues at SamMobile have discovered a Samsung patent for a contact lens with a camera.

Samsung Contact Lens camera
Samsung Contact Lens camera
This new generation of lens would have on paper a camera and an antenna to record and transcribe on screen the vision of the wearer. It would also incorporate many sensors to detect movement.
Samsung Contact Lens camera? No details are given about it. However, it can let his imagination, the lens would be able to detect and inform us in real time on objects or people that you come across (the issue of privacy may be tricky), or simply a system for standby when not moving. Nevertheless, keep in mind that these patents are in many major manufacturers and there is no indication that such an object will emerge.

Samsung Contact Lens camera
Samsung Contact Lens camera

Samsung has received a patent for “smart” contact lenses, which it originally filed in September 2014. The lenses will house a camera, movement sensors, a transmitter and a display unit, according to Softpedia.

Samsung Contact Lens camera? The eyepieces will work in conjunction with a smartphone, with commands made through the lenses by blinking, then sent to the paired phone for processing. Photos and videos can also be sent from a smartphone for viewing through the lenses.

Samsung Contact Lens camera? Virtual reality, which transports the user to a new world, has become mainstream in 2016 with the release of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, but augmented reality, which provides information, graphics and objects overlaid on your actual field of vision, has yet to take off in the same way. With Gear VR, Samsung was one of the first companies to get its foot in the virtual reality door. Now, it looks like the South Korean electronics giant is experimenting with augmented reality.


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