How to restore an iPhone without passcode

How to delete iPhone content & settings | How to reset, restart, restore, wipe How to Backup or restore data in iCloud and iTunes on iPhone and iPad How to restore your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad from an iCloud backup iPad factory reset without password How to reset iPad without password Restoring your iPhone, iPod, or iPod to factory settings Restoring to the factory settings will cause the information and settings to be erased from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod and installs the latest version of the iOS or iPod software.


The access code on iPhone devices is a key step for its operation, as it protects your iPhone data . In fact, operation takes place from the moment it lights up or re-activates; and you have to enter the code before activating it. The activation is easy and it takes less then a second; Sometimes, however, it may happen that you do not have the access code and you must restore it. By reading this tutorial you can have some useful tips on how to restore an iPhone without a login code .


When you do not have the access code the only solution and that to resume the iPhone. It is necessary to bring the iPhone back to factory conditions; this must be done by putting the device in recovery mode and then reset. At this point you have to be at your fingertips: the iPhone, a PC Mac or Windows, a USB cable and logically an internet connection to connect to iTunes.

To start the reset, you must connect a USB cable to the PC; the system may include a mac or windows. At this time, you do not have to connect the iPhone. You must click on the power button on the phone to turn it off; at this point you have to press the “Home button and connect the phone to the PC’s USB cable. Now the iPhone turns on, but you have to keep pressing the key until you receive a message that the device is recovering.

Then you have to go on clicking on “OK” and then from iTunes you have to press on “Summary”. After you do this, you must click on iTunes Restore. At this point, the reset operation on the iPhone has been executed without a login code. This will delete the initial settings, application data, and locked access code. This operation generally works on all iOSs.

After you have completed the reset phase of the iPhone, all data is retrieved. This is possible thanks to the data that was saved during a previous backup of the device. Sometimes, however, this rescue is not performed. Other recovery systems should then be used, one of them being: Dr Phone iSO. It is a system that gives you the ability to recover lost data from the iPhone; just connect from the PC through a USB cable, follow the procedure and save the data.

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How to restore an unlocked iPod / iPhone / iPad

Like all electronic devices, even the almost infallible iPod / iPhone / iPad are subject to technical, abnormal or even malfunctioning malfunction. In these cases, do not panic. Do not immediately contact assistance to avoid long periods of time. In a few simple steps, you can restore the functionality of your device at no extra charge. Carefully follow all the instructions to work correctly on a locked device.

How to reset iPhone without passwordhow to reset iPhone password if forgotten, iPhone factory reset without password


  • Windows or OSX
  • iPhone, iPad or iPod
  • Usb cable
  • iTunes


To restore a locked iPod / iPhone / iPad download the latest version of iTunes compatible with your operating system. You can directly access this link . Install the program and proceed with system recovery. Therefore, connect your device via USB cable to your PC. ITunes will automatically recognize your iPod / iPhone / iPad, however, for greater security check directly from the program. If the locked device does not turn on, proceed differently. After the connection, hold down the ignition key for 5 seconds. Press the home key for 10 seconds. The system will go into iTunes recovery mode.


On your program, your iPod / iPhone / iPad will appear under “DEVICE”. To restore and update, look at the “Version” pane. Please select the last update, but first do a “Backup”. In this way you will not lose photos, sms, videos, documents irreversibly. When done, you will open a dual-choice iTunes window. You can opt for a new profile or restore your iPod / iPhone / iPad with the latest Backup. He clearly opts for the second possibility and starts the process. To proceed without updating, just select the “RESTORE” entry. Your iPod / iPhone / iPad will eventually come back as before.

IPods, iPhones and iPads are very sensitive devices. Therefore, do not overload them to ensure their long life and impeccable operation. Also, to prevent it from blocking you do not install any Jailbreak. The procedure is not absolutely legal. Typically, it is introduced on devices for bypassing the manufacturer’s restriction. Applications and other functions may be incorrectly obtained. Often, even though it works perfectly, it has slowdowns or blocks. This is especially true on iPods, iPhones or iPads that are not properly handled.


How to restore an blocked iPhone – iPhone is disabled


Any technological device is a machine (even if it is an intelligent machine ) and this has been the result of continuous malfunctions. Even the unquestionable reliability of Apple devices can sometimes make jokes and give us scares at a fairly high cost. In this guide, we’ll consider an iPhone blocked at startup, or with blocks after operations, and we’ll see how to restore this device and how to fix it.


  • Computer Windows or OS X; iPhone; Usb cable; iTunes

First, iTunes will need to be installed, although I think most of Apple’s owners have already installed it because it is the interface that allows us to communicate and synchronize the iPhone data with the data on the PC ( photos, music, videos, games, etc); make sure that you have the latest version available and, if you have an unsupported version or have not installed iTunes, you can fix it by clicking on the following link: , which will redirect you directly at the official website. Once the program has been downloaded and installed, it will be possible to proceed with the recovery operations.

Now you will need to connect your mobile to this downloaded program: iTunes usually automatically recognizes an iPhone connected to your computer, but it is advisable to open the program before connecting your phone to the USB cable. If the cellphone block also prevents you from turning on it, immediately after connecting the USB cable, press the power button for 5 seconds, then press the home button for another 10 seconds, and without lifting your finger from the last key, leave it that switch on: so the phone will go into recovery mode from iTunes. When connected, the “iPhone” under “DEVICE” should be visible in the list on the left with the related sync categories.

If you need to restore an iPhone with iOS to upgrade, you will need to click “iPhone” under “DEVICES” so that your cell phone information will appear. In doing so, you should observe the “Version” pane, and if there are updates available, you can install them by clicking on the “Verify Updates” button so that iTunes will download and finish the job. WARNING: If you do not want to lose your important data such as contacts, sms or photos, you can do a Back Up (you will be asked by iTunes) before installing the update. After the rescue process has ended, the phone will be repeatedly restarted; the Operation takes about 10 minutes and completed process iTunes will ask you if you want to use your iPhone as a new phone or restore the previous Back Up so you can retrieve all the data. And you can: now your phone is unlocked and upgraded.

If you need to restore an iPhone with iOS already upgraded, the process is almost the same as in the previous step, but it will be simpler since this time it’s enough to click on the “Restore” button in the “Version” box. From this point on, the process is exactly the same as described above: iTunes will ask you if you want to do a backup of your data before proceeding with the reinstallation of the already upgraded software so that you can choose, whether to use the phone as a new iPhone or to restore a previous Back Up.
This procedure is almost always resolved if the problem is due to a software error. If the problem occurs after a personal data recovery, the cause is probably due to a non-stable application, so it is recommended that you install the applications one at a time to figure out what is the source of the error. With regard to hardware issues, however, this guide may not be helpful, rather I would advise you to turn to the efficient and quick Apple support. Take note that these problems are often caused by the jailbreak operation, perhaps because it is used inappropriately; So try to use the iPhone with caution and do not get too close to us, especially if you are not the technology wizard.

How to Unlock an iPhone Without Access Code or without passcode


Some passwords are so complex and effective that it can happen to forget about them. Sometimes, even worse, after trying to use different access codes (six times consecutively), the melon disables and appears in a message asking you to try a few minutes later. This is the situation that many iPhone owners face every day, for various reasons. If you are in a similar situation, read the following guide, which will explain how to unlock an iPhone without entering the access code .


  • Computer
  • Internet and Wi-Fi connection
  • iPhone

Connect the iPhone to the PC

The best way to get access to your iPhone again is to restore the device to factory settings. Unless you have created a backup before you have forgotten your password, there is no way to save the data on your phone. You will need to initialize your Iphone, thus deleting all personal data and settings settings. You can restore it through iTunes. If you have synced your device with iTunes earlier, you can try resetting the password by restarting the iPhone with an iTunes backup. Proceed by connecting the iPhone to the PC with which you synced, then start iTunes. If it is not the same computer, iTunes will ask you to enter the code.

Start iTunes

If you can not find the PC where iTunes does not require any password, you may reset your phone. In this case, wait for iTunes to sync your device and create a backup, then press the “Restore iPhone …” button. When you reach the configuration screen while resetting your mobile phone, click on “Restore backup” then reset your iPhone password. If you have tried the first solution but iTunes can not connect to your iPhone because it is locked with an access code, follow the instructions below to reset your iOS device. Connect the device to your computer and start iTunes.

While the iPhone is connected, force it to restart: hold down the power button and the Home button for a few seconds at a time until the recovery mode screen appears. As soon as you have the option to restore or update your device, choose “Restore”. ITunes will download the melodic program, so wait for the download to be completed. Then you can set up and use your iPhone. If you configure “Find My iPhone offline” on your iOS or Mac device, you can use iCloud to initialize and restore the device. Using another device go to this site. Then press the “All Devices” button and select the device you want to initialize. Finally, click “Initialize” to initialize your iPhone and its code. Now you can restore by choosing a backup or configuring the device as a new one.

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How to restore iPhone without iTunes


Whoever buys an iPhone can see immediately how useful iTunes is . With this application for PC or iMac , you can do a lot of work on your device . With iTunes you can sync your favorite music or transfer files to and from your computer . This will also help bring the iPhone back to its original factory settings . Sometimes it may happen that you need to restore the iPhone without having iTunes available. But you do not always have access to a computer. So let’s look at how to solve this problem.


  • iPhone
  • iPad or other iPhone

The latest versions of the iOS operating system of the iPhone have an included option that presses to reset the phone directly from the device. First, open the “settings” menu of your iPhone. Select the “General” item and go down to the end of the screen and choose “Restore”. At this point give ok to your iPhone through the “delete content and settings” selection. Once you have selected the option to restore the iPhone, without having a computer available, just enter the device’s unlock code.

This is the code you chose initially. Push the “Initialize iPhone” option twice. The phone then asks you to enter the password for the Apple ID. Then press “Initialize”. You will now be prompted to restore the iPhone. When done, all the data you previously had on your smartphone will be lost forever. The iPhone will be like at the time of purchase. For this reason it is not good to underestimate the idea of ​​making a backup before performing the procedure to restore the iPhone.

Alternatively, you can safely restore the iPhone using a feature within iOS. This is “Find my iPhone”. This option will help you remove all your data remotely. Using another device, connect to iCloud. Com, or use the “Find my iPhone” application directly from an iPad or another iPhone. We will locate our phone and we will be able to restore it by selecting “Initialize iPhone”. The system will ask you for the Apple ID password and will be ready to reset your device to its original factory conditions. It is always best to perform these operations with the traditional method. A reset with iTunes is certainly safer and more radical than these alternatives. Good job!

  • Always try to do these operations with the traditional method. A reset with iTunes is certainly safer and more radical than these alternatives.

Reset iPhone Passcode without iTunes

Unfortunately, you may forget the password (passcode) that lets you unlock your iPhone’s Home screen to access your device’s features. When you forget your passcode the first thought goes to all the contents in the iPhone just because if you can not recover or remember that password, the only solution to reset your passcode is RESTORING to factory conditions .

To do this, most people use iTunes. A detailed guide on how to restore the iPhone via iTunes is available on the official Apple website:

NB: If you do not want to lose data and want to recover before restoring, we recommend reading this guide: how to retrieve data from locked iPhone

However, if you are in case you can not use iTunes to restore your iPhone, or even after you restore with iTunes, you are prompted for the passcode, then you will need to find alternative solutions. Below we propose 3 possible solutions for  Resetting iPhone Passcode without iTunes

Solution 1: Reset iPhone iCloud passcode if the Find My iPhone service is active

If you’ve activated your iPhone in the past on your iPhone, then you can use the following method to reset your passcode and log on to your device without any problems again:

  • Step 1 Go to  and sign in by entering your Apple ID on your computer.
  • Step 2. Click Find My iPhone.
  • Step 3. Click “All Devices” at the top of the browser.
  • Step 4. Select your iPhone from the device list. Then click “Delete iPhone” to delete all data and even the passcode.
  • Step 5. Use the Setup Assistant on your device to restore the latest available backup on it.

Note:  Your passcode will be reset and your data will be restored using the latest icloud backup available. You will then be able to access your iPhone without having to enter any password.

Solution 2: Reset iPhone passcode by accessing the Recovery Mode

If you are looking for a way to reset iPhone passcode and you can not use iCloud because the Find My iPhone service is not active on your device then try this next solution:

  • Step 1. Turn off your iPhone
  • Step 2. Press the Home button on the iPhone and then connect it to iTunes (connect your iphone to your computer via usb). The iPhone should turn on automatically, but it does not turn it on manually
  • Step 3. Continue to press the Home key until “Connect to iTunes” appears. iTunes will now detect your iPhone in ” Recovery Mode “
  • Step 4. Click OK . From the “General” tab in iTunes click “Reset iPhone” and follow the directions.

Note:  The Recovery Mode will erase data and passcode from your iPhone. You will then be able to access the device but there will be no more content (contacts, sms, photos, videos, etc …)

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