How to remove icons from iPhone and iPad home screen

A simple way to "clean" the desktop without removing the preinstalled applications and jailbreak the device.


Buying a new smartphone or tablet, the user always tries to make it as personalized as possible, adjusting the location of icons and shortcuts.

Nevertheless, on the desktop immediately after the launch of the gadget, a large number of different labels and icons will be displayed, which the manufacturer tries to “unobtrusively impose” on the user. And if in Android-devices this set of uninstalled applications can completely drive a perfectionist crazy, the more loyal iOS-device creators made this set as small as possible. Nevertheless, the presence of even a few unnecessary and unused icons on the desktop can cause frustration.

Today we offer readers of the Macster news portal a short instruction on removing unused shortcuts from the desktop without having to install a jailbreak.

The proposed method only allows you to hide unused icons, while finding and running the program will be possible with the help of Spotlight search. Moreover, after the smartphone or tablet is rebooted, the label will appear in its legal place. Thus, you can not worry about accidentally deleting an important application or crashing the device after unauthorized “picking” in the firmware.

In order to remove unnecessary labels from the screen, it is required:

  • Make sure that the desktop page and the dock are filled with the maximum number of icons.
  • create a folder with unused shortcuts. To do this, drag one icon to another and wait for the system to create a folder from them. If everything is done correctly, a folder with the selected icons will appear on the screen.

In this folder you need to transfer all unused shortcuts.

  • then click on the selected icon in the folder, drag it to the second page, which the system will automatically create in this folder, and without releasing the icon, click on the HOME button. If done correctly, the icon will “fly away” outside the folder and disappear.

So do with all the shortcuts in the folder, and when the last one is deleted, the folder itself also disappears from the desktop.

To get everything back into place, you just need to reboot the device. After reboot, all the shortcuts will appear again on the desktop, and the one from which the folder was created will appear in it. To delete a folder, it will be enough to remove the icon on the desktop.

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