Remove Firmware Password Mac


In the middle of the year we explained what was the firmware password of a Mac. It adds a layer of security to the computer, directly from its boot, protecting it from anyone who could have obtained the administrator password. Setting it up is quite simple.

However, there is an important point that we did not take into account: What happens if we want to deactivate this password or have we forgotten about it? Apple itself tells us what to do in these cases, and care that may involve taking the computer to an authorized provider.

And, of course, the first reminder that I have to give is that you should always remember the firmware password that you have placed on the Mac. Think that forgetting it implies that you can not even start the computer, so you could not even create a new user account to solve the problem from there.

If you remember that password and simply want to deactivate it, follow these steps :

  • Turn off the Mac and start it again using your recovery partition , holding down the CMD + R keys when you start it.
  • When you see the options of that boot partition, go to the Utilities menu and click on the Firmware Password Utility .
  • There you will have the option to deactivate that password, although to do so you will have to enter it for obvious security reasons.
  • Once you have deactivated the password, restart the computer . From then on, the Mac will no longer ask you for a password to boot.

One reason why you may have to deactivate the firmware password is because you leave the Mac in an authorized technical service, where they need to be able to access the computer boot to make repairs.

What if I forgot the firmware password?

If you do not remember the firmware password that you put, then you have to take the computer and take it to an Apple Store or an authorized technical service so they can eliminate it without needing to remember it. Keep in mind that they can do it depending on how old your Mac is , there are models previous to 2011 where they can not be removed. The list is not conclusive, so it is better that Apple itself tell you if it can be done or not in your specific case.

There are some cases in which it is possible to eliminate the firmware password by extracting part of the RAM memory of the Mac and restoring the PRAM of the computer. Anyway it is a method that we can not confirm as effective and requires that you as a user can access the memory modules. Few Apple computers are left where you can do that.

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