PS4.5 – PS4 “Neo” and the original PS4

The rumors follow regarding the “PS4.5” that would more powerful model codenamed “NEO” and now we would have more specific characteristics, to a not insignificant performance gain.

The version “boosted” the PS4 is still accurate through the US website Giant Bomb . According to sources the ” PS4.5 ” would name NEO and more interesting code, they would have also seized on the technical characteristics of the machine. The performance leap, without being gigantic would still not trivial.

Jaguar processor eight-core increase from 1.6 to 2.1 GHz, 8 GB of GDDR5 would have a bandwidth of 218 GB / s (against 176 today) and, last but not least , the graphics chip would 36 processing units, twice more than at present, and would also be quicker to 911 MHz against 800 at present. Enough to give a good facelift to the PS4 and especially make better sized to virtual reality. According to the calculation of Digital Foundry, the GPU will be capable of Developer 2.3 times more FLOPs, probably the arrival of the Polaris architecture that will be incorporated in future AMD cards.

No exclusive features

PS4.5 - PS4 "Neo" and the original PS4
PS4.5 – PS4 “Neo” and the original PS4

PS4.5 – PS4 “Neo” and the original PS4

Fear not, however. Sony plans (currently) no exclusive games to PS4 NEO. The firm wants all games are compatible with its consoles. So we would be in a closer location of the PC or the graphics differ depending on the machine configuration. Sony is very clear about this, developers can not offer “exclusive” features to the future console.

The opposite would in any case caused an uproar, even bigger than it already is, with players who have invested in the current console. It remains to define what Sony means exclusive to the extent that better graphics, better definition or resolution (including support for 4K) are exclusive features. Giant Bomb has no information on output or price, but the site ensures that new information will come soon.

(Maj the 20/04) According to Digital Foundry , prototype development kits are being delivered to some developers, in a console whose design is not final. A second version is expected to arrive in June, always with a provisional design. A briefing on the “Neo” is expected at developers conference DevCon Sony in May and developers can submit code to Sony in August. Clearly, we must not wait for the new console before November at the earliest.

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