PQI Wi-Fi SD card microSD card reader


PQI launches in the footsteps of the map EyeFi proposing an SD card with a wireless controller. Originality of the card? It has no storage capacity but has a microSD card reader.

PQI Wi-Fi SD card microSD card reader
PQI Wi-Fi SD card microSD card reader

The card is compatible 802.11n Wi-Fi and offers a connector microSDHC wired directly into the SD slot for storage, that is to say a passive operation that achieves limitations of the interface (typically 25 MB / s). The Wi-Fi part requires a smartphone or tablet to be configured with an application available for Android and iOS . It allows you to configure the wireless portion of the card (to connect directly to your network) and to directly send photos online, for example on Facebook.

Good idea, the application also allows you to browse the contents of the microSD card.

It remains to check the price of the card: a EyeFi card is worth 70 € with a capacity of 4 GB, so the PQI card must be cheaper to get interesting. PQI Wi-Fi SD card microSD card reader

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