PlayStation 4.5 (4K) is available


PlayStation 4.5 (4K) is available ? Rumors about the next evolution of the PlayStation 4 never end. Latest, a version compatible 4K could be announced before the PlayStation VR in October.

PlayStation 4.5 (4K) is available

Decidedly, the Game Developer Conference , which took place from 14 to 18 March has been a powerhouse of information. According to the often well-informed Wall Street Journal (who is however already happened to be wrong), Sony would unveil in the coming months a new version of the PlayStation 4. This rumor already backed by several sources tends to confirm the imminent arrival of a boosted version of the PS4. The WSJ which conducted the survey would have learned that Sony PlayStation 4 would prepare a 4K-compatible and it would be launched shortly before the commercial release of the home virtual reality helmet ” PlayStation VR “.

AMD-4K - PlayStation 4.5 (4K) is available
AMD-4K – PlayStation 4.5 (4K) is available

This new version, so would journals specifications on the rise, what properly manage the PlayStation VR and high definition. Of course, the Nippon has not commented on these disclosures, however, “there is no smoke without fire.” Regarding the actual PlayStation 4, it would be kept in the catalog with prices down and would be compatible with the new games. We will certainly know a bit more by the E3 2016 .┬áPlayStation 4.5 (4K) is available

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