PlayStation 4: Play PS4 on PC or MAC ?


PS4 Share or PS4 Streaming

Play PS4 on PC or MAC? The last update of the famous Sony console now allows you to play PlayStation 4 games remote play on PC and Mac.

This is a highly anticipated feature players who just made its appearance. Announced in November 2015 , game Remote Play PlayStation 4 on PC and Mac is now available for players who have installed the latest version (3.5) of the system software the console.

To enjoy this new feature, it will set your console and your PlayStation Network account, and install the PC or MAC implementation provided by Sony. Do not panic, the operation is simple and explained in detail by the brand.

Required configuration – Play PS4 on PC or MAC

As you can imagine, the computers are not all compatible with this new feature. Firstly, the machine receiving the stream must be running Windows 8.1 or OSX Yosemite minimum.

It is also necessary to have at least an Intel Core i5-560M 2.67 Ghz processor for Windows PC and a Core i5-520M 2.40 Ghz for MAC. Note that in the case of Windows PC, the minimum display definition must be of 1024×768 pixels.

One last detail that is important: it is advisable to have a connection of at least 12Mb per second in order to enjoy the service in the best conditions, that is to say in 720p HD at 60 frames per second. The others will have to settle for a picture in 540p or 360p. Play PS4 on PC or MAC, PS4 Share

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