Nasa celebrates 26 years of the Hubble telescope

To celebrate 26 years of the Hubble telescope, NASA released a video showing a gorgeous nebula interact with its environment. That’s 26 years now that the Hubble telescope was sent into space to examine our universe. In orbit around the Sun by the shuttle Discovery astronauts at the end of April 1990 Hubble is used by many astrophysicists worldwide.

As each of his birthdays, NASA released images from the telescope. The video of this year shows the splendid Nebula, a nebula located more than 8,000 light years away in the constellation Cassiopeia.

This bubble of gas and dust was created by the stellar wind of the star that lies in its center. Make no mistake, the colors visible on the screen are not those that we could observe with the naked eye. They actually reflect the composition of the nebula: blue for oxygen, green to hydrogen, and red to nitrogen.To the naked eye, Nebula would rather greyish. It’s still prettier as well.

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