Movavi Video Converter for Mac: Most User-Friendly Mac Video Converter


Movavi Video Converter for Mac offers the ability to convert video files from one format to another in a user-friendly fashion. It is compatible with most video formats, and supports most codecs that may be required as well.

A big part of what makes Movavi Video Converter for Mac ( unique is its intuitive approach to video conversion. Instead of forcing you to try to develop a technical understanding of video formats and settings, it will simplify the process and distill it into three easy steps: Add the video, pick a format, and click ‘Convert’.

The one problem many users have with converting videos is identifying the right format to convert to, as it requires familiarity with the compatible formats of the target device or platform. To address that Movavi Video Converter for Mac has a library consisting of hundreds of presets designed for different devices and platforms. If you select a preset, the software will automatically use the best possible video format and settings for that device or platform.Movavi Video Converter for Mac

All in all regardless of whether you choose a specific format or use one of the presets, converting videos with Movavi Video Converter for Mac is a piece of cake. It should be noted however that its features exceed what you would normally expect from a ‘video’ converter.

Some of the features are:

  • Convert the format of any images or audio files.
  • Compress videos to a specific file size.
  • Extract the audio track from a video and save it as an individual audio file.
  • Create animated GIFs from short video clips.
  • Grab screenshots of individual frames within a video.
  • Adjust the video settings and parameters such as the resolution, framerate, or bitrate.
  • Resize videos and images to specific dimensions, by a percentage, or to fit inside a particular frame.
  • Enhance the overall quality of videos by adjusting the color settings manually or automatically.
  • Fix common problems such as shaky or blurry video footage.
  • Add captions or other text that can be fully customized in terms of appearance.
  • Transform the frame by cropping or rotating it.

All in all you should have a fairly thorough idea of exactly what Movavi Video Converter for Mac is capable of. As you can see rather than being a ‘video’ converter, it is actually a full-fledged media converter that has several editing tools thrown in too.

In many ways Movavi Video Converter for Mac’s features give it an edge if you handle videos or other media files on a regular basis. It will equip you with the tools you need to prepare them for a variety of different situations, making it an essential and versatile app that is worth having up your sleeve.

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