What Mac OS X should learn from Windows 10

What Mac OS X should learn from Windows 10
What Mac OS X should learn from Windows 10

The current Windows 10 introduces the concept of Windows-as-service , linking multiple ways all kinds of devices, from PCs via smartphones and tablets, and does so through a set of new integrated into the system capabilities from in the time of its launch in July last year.

Although Microsoft has long been criticized for copying Apple on many occasions, and the failures and deficiencies that had Windows 8, the software giant has shown a real sensitivity when it comes to creative designs over the years . That is why some experts say that Apple should look at Windws 10 and try to incorporate into their operating systems OS X and IOS some of its peculiarities.

Although Siri appeared first to iPnone 4S four years ago and was integrated into all iPhones and iPads since (as well as Apple Watch and four generations of Apple TV), the virtual assistant Apple has yet to make its entry into the desktop. This seems a surprising omission, given that Apple has built speech recognition capabilities in OS X. Windows 10 includes Cortana on the desktop , the virtual assistant Microsoft , and positions in the central front and the taskbar.

Another aspect of Windows 10 that Apple could learn from mobility and desktop systems Windows 10 is the ability to build new and more transparent features for the user during the process setup. Windows 10 runs through an extensive set of settings user including everything that has to do with privacy attributes Cortana .

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