In India, mosquito – borne diseases affect millions of people. Each year are recorded between 700,000 and 1.6 million cases of malaria, causing between 400 and 1,000 deaths annually. LG wants help with a new range of TVs that repel mosquitoes. Really.

It is called “Mosquito Away TV”. It has a device that, when activated, emits ultrasound waves to drive away mosquito vectors of malaria. For Hindus, accustomed to repellents, the TV system has the advantage of being odorless, noiseless and invisible. “The Mosquito Away LG TV has been developed after studying the Indian market because there were not many devices focused on the growing problem of mosquitoes,” says the Indian subsidiary of LG in a press release.

LG has launched a TV that repels mosquitoes
LG has launched a TV that repels mosquitoes

 LG has launched a TV that repels mosquitoes

It is the first product of the Korean manufacturer has this technology: before they released several models of air conditioning “Mosquito Away” in specific markets in Africa and Asia. They work with frequencies from 30 to 100kHz, imitating the flapping of the male to chase away the female mosquito, which is itchy. According to LG, in 24 hours 64% manage to scare the transmitters of malaria mosquito Anopheles, and then to 82%.

The problem is that it is not proven that ultrasounds are effective repellents against mosquitoes: Several studies say the opposite . In any case, televisions have been tested by the International Institute of Biotechnology and Toxicology of India and meet global standards. LG has introduced two models: one 32 – inch, which costs 26,900 rupees ($ 400), and one of 42 inches, which is priced at 47,500 rupees ($ 710). [via Homecrux ]

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