Lenovo Blade is a sharp 2-in-1 laptop with Windows 10


Lenovo will be launching a 2-in-1 Blade with more improvements by 2018, some design details have appeared online. The Lenovo dominates the space of Windows PCs in recent years with innovative devices that move the design and usability to new levels, such as the 2-in-1 Lenovo Yoga Book. The inspiration, however, does not stop here and the company’s designers have some very interesting ideas about the future of laptops.

Lenovo Blade is a sharp 2-in-1 laptop  with Windows 10
On the occasion of the World Design Guide Awards, Lenovo has unveiled the concept for Lenovo Blade. It is a Windows 10 Tablet with a detachable keyboard and integral cover or protect the monitor when not in use, is either converted to a holder to use the apparatus as a laptop. The Lenovo Blade supports Miracast technology making it possible to use the tablet as a wireless keyboard and send the image to an external monitor or other compatible device. It is also possible to contact the removable keyboard with your tablet even if they are not connected to each other through the magnetic side.

We do not know if and when we see something like this on the market, but to understand that the company will move in the future. Lenovo Blade is a 2 in 1 laptop with integrated screen protector. This case can be folded up as a cradle and coupled to the keyboard via a circular magnet cluster. The Notebook Italia website has discovered design documents that show that the Lenovo Blade design element is based on Surface Pro 4.Lenovo Blade is a sharp 2-in-1 laptop  with Windows 10

One theory is that the Blade keyboard contains components that transmit to the desktop via Intel’s Miracast software. In this case, Miracast will not only transmit images but will allow both the screen and the keyboard to continue working together even when separated.
The Lenovo design notes that you can use the keyboard to interact with the external display through Miracast and the display part acts as a standalone Android tablet.

The cover protects the tablet screen when you’re on the move and when used, it can be folded up to 3 different angles. Or you can flip to the back when you want to use the device as a tablet.Lenovo Blade is a sharp 2-in-1 laptop  with Windows 10

It’s good that Lenovo is trying to create a new design despite the fact that there are now many 2-in-1 hybrid computers available. According to the information provided, Blade is expected to launch in 2018. This is a design idea, so there is no guarantee it will come true.

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