iPhone X: Configure and Use Face ID

The Face ID has completely replaced the Touch ID on iPhone X. For this reason, it can also be used to make purchases. Here's how to configure it


The absence of the home button on the new iPhone X has led Apple to invest in new features. We are talking about the Face ID , that is, the set of sensors capable of recognizing the face of the owner. With this method you can also authorize Payments with Apple Pay or access apps that require your password.Configure and Use Face ID


Configure the Face ID

Generally, the Face ID configuration is proposed when activating the new iphone, but if you ignored this request you can still configure it at any time.

To do this just go to the settings and find the Face ID and code entry. Enter the code (if you have it) and touch Configure Face ID and then Start.

The wizard will start where you will frame your face in the frame that will appear and then move your head to become the green circle. You will need to perform two scans so you can capture the face more clearly.

Unlock your device with Face ID

To unlock the device, just turn on the display and secure it. When you notice the padlock that opens you will say that the iPhone recognized your face. Keep in mind that, like touch IDs, you also need to enter the code for this new technology when you first start the device.

Pay with Apple Pay in the store

Of course, Face ID can also be used to make purchases with Apple Pay and credit cards associated with it. Just press the side button twice and select the paper to use. You will then have to look at the iPhone screen to allow payment through the Face ID and then approach the device to the contactless reader. As soon as you see the check mark it means that your payment has been successful.

Pay iTunes and unlock apps

This new feature can also be used to pay, for example, to iTunes or App Store, or to authenticate to apps that require the password (and support the Face ID). Operation is the same: just look at the screen.

Some makeup

Keep in mind that to best use the Face ID this will have to be optimally framed and not covered by enclosures. You should recognize your face even if you wear or remove your glasses, hats, or cut your hair. However some types of sunglasses may prevent the passage of infrared lights and make you not recognize your face.

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