Apple is doing well. 48 million iPhones, 9.9 million iPads and 5.7 million Macs sold are causing a turnover of $ 51.5 billion for the last quarter 2015.

Apple sales? The figures have just come out. For the last quarter of fiscal year 2015, Apple announced sales of 48 million iPhones, 9.88 million iPads, 5.7 million Macs. These volumes allow the American company to post revenues (CA) 51.5 billion, with net income of $ 11.1 billion. This is far from the first quarter highs , but it is excellent. We must not forget that every first quarter of fiscal benefits from year-end holiday season around the world to beat sales records, turnover and profits.

Apple sales - IPhone, iPad and Mac generate a turnover of 51.5 billion
Apple sales – IPhone, iPad and Mac generate a turnover of 51.5 billion

These two figures compare with 42.1 billion turnover for the same quarter in 2014 with a profit of $ 8.5 billion. An increase of 22% for CA and 31% for net income. The comparison with the previous quarter in 2015 and 49 billion dollars of turnover is less spectacular, but still represents an increase of 4%.

iPhone: the star – Apple sales

Apple sales - IPhone, iPad and Mac generate a turnover of 51.5 billion
Apple sales – IPhone, iPad and Mac generate a turnover of 51.5 billion

These amounts (which would normally delight the financial community and Apple shareholders) always hide a wide disparity between the different product families. Unsurprisingly, the iPhone remains the locomotive of the Apple machine. With 48 million units sold, the iPhone alone account for 32 billion or 62% of turnover A “dependency iPhone” that could one day play tricks on Apple if compaction, slowing or declining sales. Samsung and the misadventures of its smartphones are there to prove it. But for now, Apple still seems far from such a situation.

iPad: the poor student – Apple sales

The quarters and are very similar to the shelves iPad . Apple has passed “only” 9.9 million units during the last quarter. Good score, but it is less than the previous quarter (10.9 million) and even less than the same quarter in 2014 (12.3 million). Decreases of 10% and 30%. Something is not the tablet realm. We’ll see if the arrival of the iPad Pro will manage to reverse the curve. With $ 4.2 billion generated, the iPad accounts for 8% of turnover

Mac: Apple sales

MacBook , MacBook Air , MacBook Pro , iMac , Mac mini , Mac Pro not match the numbers generated by mobile devices from Apple do not disappoint. Sales seem not stop rising. With 5.7 million products have passed, they climb of 19% compared to the third quarter of 2015 (4.8 million) and 3% compared to the same period of last year (5.5 million). In a world still sluggish PC, so Apple displays smile. With 6.88 billion dollars, Macs have the luxury to do better than the iPad. Sales of Apple computers contribute about 13.3% in CA.
The rest is encompassed in what Apple called “Services” (AppleCare, ApplePay …) and “other products” (Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats, iPod). These two departments show a respective 5.1 and CA $ 3 billion (9.8% and 5.9% of the consolidated total).

(Source: Apple)


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