iPhone 8: Apple could simply ignore the “S” model next year? After the iPhone 7, there would be iPhone 8. It is rumored that Apple could simply ignore his famous “S” version in 2017.

Small program change for Apple in 2017? Possible. If one believes the analyst of Barclay’s Mark Moskowitz citing industry sources on Fortune , Apple could simply ignore the “S” model next year. So we would have the iPhone this year 7, 8 and the iPhone in 2017. A paradigm shift would mean that the iPhone 7 would not be a revolution.

 iPhone 8: This is also in the sense that the rumors are pointing to an iPhone 7 – supposed – to design close to current models, the jack and less and with antennas placed differently. It was the following year that there would be significant aesthetic changes, including the use of glass . It should in addition be entitled to an OLED designed primarily by Samsung.

The analyst goes further by mentioning the removal of the “home” button physical and the addition of wireless charging. Analyst words. Apple is expected to present its iPhone 7 in September and we will see if the update is so ambitious as described. We can hardly believe it considering the negative impact it would have on sales of the terminal.  iPhone 8: Apple could simply ignore the “S” model next year

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