iPhone 7 Rumors: waterproof and Hidden antennas


iPhone 7 Rumors and iPhone 7 news: waterproof and Hidden antennas

Apple iPhone 7 will definitely boost a big change in terms of design and functionality, when it launches this year in 2016. Besides a waterproof design and now the possibility of a hidden antenna band, another rumor suggested Apple could be phasing out the 3.5mm headphone jack for an all-in-one Lightning connector port.

Catcher Technology will remain the largest chassis supplier for the upcoming line of next-generation iPhones, tentatively referred to as the “iPhone 7,” according to the China-based Commercial Times (via DigiTimes).

According to a new supply chain rumor out of Taiwan, Apple’s ‘iPhone 7’ will be waterproof and feature a brand new antenna-concealing technology that will hide antenna bands. As reported  by Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes, Apple’s supplier Catcher Technologies will provide the iPhone 7 chassis which is said to be waterproof and use “new compound materials”.

The latest iPhone 7 rumors involved the phones antenna system. According to a MacRumors source, the iPhone 7 will have what it calls a “Discreet Housing” for the iPhone’s antenna. If the rumor is true, it means that the bands from the back of the iPhone will be removed in a new design to make the phone waterproof and or to change its look

According to Apple Insider , Apple is considering moving up the release date from the usual fall September date to the summer of 2016 with July as a strong possibility.

Also other iPhone 7 rumors and iPhone 7 latest news roundup includes:- 

  1. A thinner iphone 7,
  2. iPhone 7 with Waterproof Body,
  3. 3 GB of RAM,
  4. Synaptics to make chips for next iPhones,
  5. iPhone 7 bigger battery,
  6. iPhone 7 bigger storage,
  7. iPhone 7 rear dual cameras,
  8. Better speakers, Better Sound ,
  9. iPhone 7 fast wireless connection using Li-Fi tech,
  10. Code confirms no headphone jack for iPhone 7,
  11. iPhone 7 without a bezel,
  12. iPhone 7 camera expecting  a dual one and many more to come
iPhone 7 Rumors and iPhone 7 news: waterproof and Hidden antennas
iPhone 7 Rumors and iPhone 7 news: waterproof and Hidden antennas

iPhone 7 concept mock-up by designer Martin Hajek
The report also mentioned the continuing rumor that the iPhone 7 may be a completely waterproof device. Fast Company recently reported that Apple’s iPhone 7 may feature wireless charging and a waterproof body with no headphone jack (instead a LiFi technology), and Dual rear cameras for their upcoming new iPhone. So, that is in line with previous iPhone 7 rumors from the Asian supply chain.

The Commercial Times also spoke of “new compound materials” that would be put in place to form a discreet housing for the iPhone 7’s antenna, suggesting the possible removal of the bands from the back of the current iPhone generation.

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