iPhone 7 photo sensor and less noticeable antennas?


iPhone 7 photo sensor and less noticeable antennas?

Contrary to his habits, Apple may not be would review in depth the design of the iPhone for the next generation. In any case it indicated MacRumors citing a source who ” gave accurate information in the past .” According to her, the iPhone 7 overall resume the appearance of current models with two main differences.

The iPhone 7 would ultimately not much different from the iPhone 6 / 6S from an aesthetic point of view. The new smartphones resume the line of current models with some minor modifications. iPhone 7 photo sensor

iPhone 7 photo sensor and less noticeable antennas?
iPhone 7 photo sensor and less noticeable antennas?

The first: Apple has managed to completely return the photo sensor in the chassis. The object would be perfectly flat, as the good old days of 5S and iPhone earlier. The second: Plastic covers for antennas would be less conspicuous, some would be removed to retain bands than at the border. The first involves the rear camera, which protrudes slightly on the iPhone 6 and 6s. On the iPhone 7, the camera is said to sit flush with the rear casing, enabled by a thinner camera module. Recent rumors have indicated Apple is considering equipping the iPhone 7 Plus with a dual-lens rear camera, but the smaller iPhone 7 is expected to include a more traditional camera.

iPhone 7 photo sensor? The supposed result is shown below to get an idea and frankly. We do not believe too. With iPhone sales stalled , it is hard Apple settle for that. The firm must offer something new to clients to get them to purchase. It also goes against the habits of the firm. The strategy is so well oiled, and worked so well so far it seems very difficult to change. Take your tweezers; no, your pliers. iPhone 7 photo sensor

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