iPhone 7 news and Specs: Better speakers, Better Sound


iPhone 7 Specs rumored: iPhone 7 roundup and iPhone 7 Speakers. How we want it?

As the report suggest Apple has recently filed a patent which suggests that Apple’s new iPhone (namely iPhone 7) could be embedded with a new set of speakers, can be similar to that of the recently released Apple iPad Pro.

As reported by 9 to 5 Mac, describes a system optimised for thin devices, giving better quality and louder audio output.

iPhone 7 news and iPhone 7 Specs
iPhone 7 news and iPhone 7 Specs

 “iPhone 7 news and SpecsThere is a need for improved approaches to provide high-quality audio sound output,” it reads, adding that this should not hinder “the ability to make portable electronic devices smaller and thinner“.

Apple describes its method for doing this as thus: “An audio chamber can be formed to assist in directing audio sound between an opening an outer housing and a flexible electronic substrate to which the audio element is mounted or coupled thereto.”

Cutting through the jargon, this points to “chambers built into the handset to improve and amplify its sound”, says Alphr. They add that this technique has already been used on the iPad Pro.


iPhone 7 news and Specs? Using the internal space as an audio chamber to aid volume would effectively mean the components inside the iPhone, such as the circuit board, will become a part of the speaker system, continues Gizmodo.


The increased amount of air that would pass through the system would theoretically amplify audio output.


There’s no reference to any particular device in the patent but iDigitaltimes says many assume it is intended for the iPhone 7.


Rumours back in September suggested the tech giant is aiming to slim the iPhone 7 down to a thickness of just 6mm, after a note to investors from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo was obtained by AppleInsider.

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