The iPhone 7 will have a glass chassis


iPhone 7 will have a glass body

Wet finger, Ming Chi Kuo believes that the 2017 iPhone will have a back glass. Failing be based on solid foundations, the rumor makes sense.  The glass back on the iPhone in 2017?

iPhone 7 will have a glass body
iPhone 7 will have a glass body

Ming Chi Kuo has struck again. The famous Apple specialist KGI analyst of Security issued a new note to clients, relayed by MacRumors , in which he considers the 2017 vintage of the iPhone will be entitled to a glass rear face, as at the time iPhone 4 and 4S. Homecoming after 5 years of aluminum. The glass expected to be used in next year’s iPhone will be tougher and more durable than the glass used in the past, Kuo said, according to AppleInsider. So the new phone’s casing would stand a better chance of surviving a drop. iPhone 7 will have a glass body

That said, we can still serious doubts about that. Reliable ordinary and based on industry sources, the analyst relies here on logic. From this point of view, the arguments are valid: after 5 years of aluminum, and at a time when competitors are increasingly likely to offer the metal, Apple will indeed need to give a sense of renewal and an element differentiation.

The thing – at least in these times – call into contrast totally into question the habits of Apple that one yet knows tenacious. In 2017, this design change would take place on an “S” model (iPhone 7S), which is normally not the aesthetic revival. Rumors speak of an OLED display , which would be enough to make a good ” selling point ” for Apple. We imagine that it will be more iPhone 8, since 7 is expected to resume at pretty much the current design.  iPhone 7 will have a glass body

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