iPhone 7 – Future iPhone’s may Return to Glass-on-Glass Touch Panels

As per new rumors Apple’s supply chain in Asia suggests that the company could be returning to using ultra-thin glass-on-glass touch panels for next year’s line of iPhone’s (iPhone 7) (via DigiTimes).
iPhone 7 - Future iPhone's may Return to Glass-on-Glass Touch Panels
iPhone 7 – Future iPhone’s may Return to Glass-on-Glass Touch Panels


Makers have already begun sending samples of fully laminated G/G technology to Apple.

Some of the prominent Market leaders and reporters have recently noted that The Tech Giant Apple is in discussions over whether to go back to Glass-on-Glass Touch Panels technology instead of in-cell technology for future iPhone  (iPhone 7)devices. This is an very crucial and important decision for apple to decide which way to go, as recently results and data shows that in-cell technology is currently struggling with various production that are preventing Apple from adding new features as well as increasing resolutions.

Since this is the most crucial step for apple to decide whether to go with former or latter, But, notably, the improvement in glass-on-glass production technology could grant Apple a huge boost and will give Apple the ability to create a bezel-free iPhone that in-cell panels technology currently limit. If that happens, then the possibility of a full 4K ultra HD screen would also be in the cards according to the sources in the company’s supply chain.

Glass-on-glass touch panels may also help Apple develop bezel-free smartphones as in-cell touch panels reportedly are struggling with touch sensitivity on the edges. Additionally, in-cell touch panels also make it difficult for vendors to pursue higher resolutions including Ultra HD (4K) due to current bottlenecks, the observers said (iPhone 7).

Apple used glass-on-glass touch panels in its iPhone line until the iPhone 5 came out in 2012 with in-cell panels. The new line of iPhones predicted to be announced; will undoubtedly continue to use in-cell panels, with stronger 7000 series aluminum shells, Force Touch, an improved 12-megapixel camera.


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