iPhone 7 May Feature Thinner, Waterproof Body With No Headphone Jack


iPhone 7 May Feature Thinner, Waterproof Body With No Headphone Jack and Wireless Charging

Fast Company recently reported that Apple’s iPhone 7 may feature wireless charging and a waterproof body with no headphone jack (instead a LiFi technology), and Dual rear cameras for their upcoming new iPhone. So, that is in line with previous iPhone 7 rumors from the Asian supply chain.


iPhone 7 news and iPhone 7 rumors - iPhone 7 May Feature Thinner, Waterproof
iPhone 7 news and iPhone 7 rumors – iPhone 7 May Feature Thinner, Waterproof

The news source said that the company may also go back to Glass-on-Glass panel technology for better displays and the iPhone 7 will not include a headphone jack in an effort to make the device even thinner than the iPhone 6s.


There are also new rumours and iPhone 7 news that says that the device will also be waterproof and support some form of wireless charging, with a larger battery life and more big storage size up to 250 GB.

iPhone 7 news? Apple will try to make its sound or audio technology clearer and less noisy, and the chipset may also include new noise-cancelling technology to remove background noise during music playback and phone calls.  Apple may not ship their Lightning-connected EarPods alongside the iPhone 7, instead they may sell noise-cancelling Lightning-connected headphones separately under its Beats brand that they recently acquired. It is not clear if that means the iPhone 7 will come with no EarPods. A Fast Company‘s source quoted.

iPhone 7 news? Future like iPhone 7 Waterproofing, iPhone 7 dual rear cameras, iPhone 7 with no headphone socket, no home button, are yet not been confirmed. But some of the rumors has the potential to become reality in next few months.

Based on many recent patents by the tech giant Apple and earlier iPhone and Apple Watch rumors wireless charging is one of the most triggered feature and can’t be left aside. Wireless charging feature in next new iPhone has the most inclusion probability in the iPhone 7 and it’s certainly technology that Apple has been exploring for many years. Further rumors have suggested the new material will also allow Apple to do away with the prominent antenna bands that were included on the iPhone 6s.

The removal of the headphone jack was first reported by Japanese site Mac Otakara and has since been backed up by a supply chain rumor, but Apple has been laying the groundwork for the elimination of the jack for several months.

Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are expected to be released in September of 2016. Along with the above-mentioned rumored features, the device will also include an upgraded A-series processor and it could include features like an improved camera. Other rumors specific to the iPhone 7 Plus have suggested it could include a 256GB storage option, a 3,100 mAh battery, and 3GB RAM.

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