iPhone 7 dual rear cameras is just a rumor or something real? But if it isn’t


iPhone 7 camera and it’s duality and iPhone 7 News

iPhone 7 camera? Apple iPhone is a Camera power house. The iPhone has long from its very first release for its excellent camera and ability to take amazing wide angle and good exposure photographs.

iPhone 7 camera and it's duality
iPhone 7 camera and it’s duality

And a new, recently published patent application indicates that the camera could get even better in the near future. On 7 January 2016, an Apple patent was published that may have a bearing on future iPhone developments – although almost certainly not on the iPhone 7, except in the very general sense of ‘this is the sort of development Apple has been considering

Apple is looking at ways to implement optical zoom in its iPhone (and possibly iPad) cameras.

iPhone 7 camera? Patent 20160007008, entitled MOBILE CAMERA SYSTEM, describes the use of “multiple cameras to provide optical zoom to a user”. Needless to say, this means multiple cameras facing in the same direction, rather than the front- and rear-facing cameras already present on the current range of iPhone and iPad models.


The rumors of dual rear cameras on an iPhone first emerged quite some time ago, but thanks to the patent application – which was filed back on June 30, 2015 – These two lenses will help you to get high quality images and videos even when you zoom in.

Other uses include filming video at regular speed and slow motion simultaneously (or in multiple resolutions), taking a zoomed-in shot and a wide shot at the same time, or taking high-res stills while shooting video.

Many sources reported that there would be a significant step up in quality with the iPhone 6S’s camera. A 10-megapixel camera and a two-lens DSLR-style camera were presented as two distinct possibilities.

And though the 6S upped the standard iPhone’s game with a much improved front-facing camera, only the 6S Plus features optical image stability capabilities that deliver higher quality photos and video in low light environments. Perhaps we will see this enhanced feature trickle down to the non-Plus model with the iPhone 7.

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