iPhone 7 camera: A brand itself, rumors, Double camera


iPhone 7 camera: A brand itself

iPhone 7 news? Apple iPhone has one of the most popular and loved camera in the world. And of course, to develop such a piece of technology it needs more than hundred hands to deliver the next amazing thing. And Apple is trying to offer its users, best iPhone ever by releasing Apple iPhone 7 this year.

iPhone 7 camera: A brand itself, rumors, Double camera
iPhone 7 camera: A brand itself, rumors, Double camera


And a camera is the best thing that can easily overturn the table for iPhone 7, and to accomplish this: apple has massive team behind this task.

iPhone 7 camera? Apple employees 800 engineers and other specialists dedicated to the iPhone camera, all under the direction of Graham Townsend, according a new 60 Minutes report.

Apple is looking at ways to implement optical zoom in its iPhone (and possibly iPad) cameras.

iPhone 7 news? Patent 20160007008, entitled MOBILE CAMERA SYSTEM, describes the use of “multiple cameras to provide optical zoom to a user”. Needless to say, this means multiple cameras facing in the same direction, rather than the front- and rear-facing cameras already present on the current range of iPhone and iPad models.

When Apple bought LinX Computational Imaging earlier this year, it was taken as an indication that the company would be making a foray into dual-camera technology.

The report says that Xiaru Wen, CEO of Altek Corp, has gone on record to state that Apple has been experimenting with dual-camera technology for the last three years says Altek Corp .

The whole autofocus system in suspended on four wires that are 40 microns, or less than half a human hair’s width. In total, there are over 200 separate individual parts in the iPhone camera.

Two cameras could capture video in different ways simultaneously, such as having one camera shoot 4K real-time footage while the other captures 1080p slow-motion footage; or one could capture video while the other takes full-resolution photos all the while.
Second camera module 3084 can be used as a telephoto camera module to zoom in on the face of the child as she is about to blow out the candles and first camera module 3082 can capture a burst of high resolution still images of her smiling face,” reads the application.

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