iOS 9.3 new features


iOS 9.3 new features

The first test version of iOS 9.3 just arrived for all users with feature developer at Apple, and the next version of the operating system is loaded with great innovations, including the highly anticipated “night mode” for the iPhone and iPad . This is all you can do with iOS 9.3.

Although we have not yet clear when it will arrive this update to all the public, already we know what the great innovations that include, ranging from a night mode to more uses for TouchID, and a very interesting approach in the education sector.

On iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, the first iOS 9.3.2 developer beta carries the build number 13F51a, which is up from the official iOS 9.3.1 release at 13E238. While watchOS 2.2 for Apple Watch is at version 13V144 currently, the first watchOS 2.2.1 developer beta is at 13V413 for comparison. iOS 9.3 new features

The developer release notes for iOS 9.3.2 specifically mention developer-specific issues and workarounds for Dictionary, iBooks, Safari, and Simulator. And on the watchOS side, the release notes for watchOS 2.2.1 beta 1 calls out issues and workarounds for watchOS 1 WatchKit apps as well as Xcode crashes.

iOS 9.3 night mode – iOS 9.3 new features

For years users of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch have called for a night mode that generally considerably reduce the light on the screen of the device when used at night or before bedtime. From this version the devices will change the display settings (lowest possible brightness, more subdued colors, etc.) automatically at night time (depending on your configuration) and taking into account your location (for only do so if you are at home). Waking up in the morning, the screen will have returned to normal.

Several sessions of users on the iPad (but only in the educational field) iOS 9.3 new features

iOS 9.3 new features
iOS 9.3 new features

For education Apple has brought one of the most anticipated features in the iPad: the possibility that several people use the same device, each with its individual and personalized session. Hopefully one day this feature for other users.

Protected Notes with TouchID

iOS 9.3 new features
iOS 9.3 new features

Apple has also added new features to the Notes application on iOS, including the ability to sort by creation date or alphabetically, but have also added the ability to protect them with a password or using TouchID. iOS 9.3 new features

More integration with Apple Music in carplay

iOS 9.3 new features
iOS 9.3 new features

From iOS 9.3 users carplay can take advantage of some features of Apple Music, as the possibility to discover customized music for the user (or what is the same, the tab “For You” in Apple Music always gets interesting) music.

other developments and iOS 9.3 new features

Improved Application News regarding the recommendation of items for each user, more information on the Health Panel application, including application data activity Apple Watch.

iOS 9.3 also has some much-appreciated updates to Notes and Photos. Now you have the ability to add a password lock in the Notes app. Once you set a password for Notes, don’t forget to click on the actual lock icon to keep your most precious (or embarrassing) ramblings private.

And thanks to iOS 9.3, now you can extract the still image from any Live Photo. In the Photos app, simply pull up the Share sheet, and you will now get the option to duplicate the Live Photo or just the still image.

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