InkHunter a smartphone app for tattoos


InkHunter: this is an application that should prevent some people from making tattoos on a whim and regret it forever.  InkHunter, a smartphone app that allows you to try on your future tattoos using 


augmented reality

InkHunter is an application of the principle rather simple but ingenious that tests tattoos before you break the skin. If the art of tattooing has existed for hundreds of years it has begun to democratize that from the 70s with a significant acceleration since the early 2000s France, a study IFOP , 10% the population is tattooed, a figure but well below that of the USA where they are 23%. an application that is very timely named in a growing sector which should enable a large number of people to take the plunge, or just not to regret an exotic tattoo …

After downloading on your smartphone, simply draw a marker in marker at the rent of your future tattoo Then choose from the library Proposed the design of your choice. The picture Appears in augmented reality Following The curves of your body, what perfectly Realize the end result . The app is already available for free on iOS, Android on His arrival is expected soon. A Windows Phone version of Would Be-even regarded.

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