Improve iPhone 6 battery life : iPhone 6 Battery Life Tips

To improve battery life, you can turn off the feature that allows apps to refresh in the background. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and set the switch to Off. If the Mail app lists Background Activity, you can choose to fetch data manually or increase the fetch interval.


To improve battery life, you can turn off the feature that allows apps to refresh in the background. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and set the switch to Off. If the Mail app lists Background Activity, you can choose to fetch data manually or increase the fetch interval. Improve your battery life on your iPhone 6 with iOS 8: iPhone 6 Battery Life Tips

To be sincere I am happy with the battery life of my bright new iPhone 6. Evidently it is something that depends very much on the usage of the device , so it is intrinsically dependent on each person. To me, with my daily use, I come home at night quietly without being recharged.

Even on weekends, with a more moderate use iPhone, I get pass almost without recharging. But let’s what matters to Apple is very important to the battery life of their devices often includes in its operating system features to improve . Let’s look at three simple tricks (more reminders) on how to increase the battery life of your iPhone.

Improve Battery Life in Laptops, Macbook, windows, iPhone’s: iPhone 6 Battery Life Tips

Yes, I have set an example in the holder, the iPhone 6, which is the iPhone that I have now. But in reality we are facing some common sense tips and also included in the latest version of iOS 8 . Then either an iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c which you have in your possession … can also apply.

1Control Center is your friend: iPhone 6 Battery Life Tips

Improve your battery life on your iPhone 6 with iOS 8: iPhone 6 Battery Life Tips

Yeah, I … do not discover anything new, but whenever I get into an article of this kind I like to remember. Why you want to constantly have the WiFi or Bluetooth connected if you are not using?

We are no longer in earlier versions of the system where to enable or disable functionality we needed to unlock the phone and access the settings. Now we can activate and deactivate with two simple movements of thumb. So if you will not use WiFi or Bluetooth over a wide range of time, turn them off, your iPhone will thank longer holding on.

Improve Battery Life in Laptops, Macbook, windows, iPhone’s

2Find out what is the application that is “squeezing” battery

Improve your battery life on your iPhone 6 with iOS 8: iPhone 6 Battery Life Tips

With iOS 8 have the opportunity to learn more about what is the use of battery that make the applications we have installed on your iPhone or iPad. To do this we have an option within the settings that will give us clear information.

Go to “Settings> General> Usage> Battery use” we will show the applications we have used for the last 24 hours (or the last 7 days) and the percentage of battery usage have had. If any of them see it has a particularly high use and are not using (but is running in the background) we can close it by double – clicking the home button and accessing multitasking. iPhone 6 Battery Life Tips

Improve Battery Life in Laptops, Macbook, windows, iPhone’s

3Controls alerts, widgets and update applications in the background: iPhone 6 Battery Life Tips

Improve your battery life on your iPhone 6 with iOS 8: iPhone 6 Battery Life Tips

As you know, push notifications consume battery and Notification Center Widgets also . The reason is simple, they need to be constantly updated to bring you instant information and it must be connected, updated , and therefore it consumes more battery. So you need to decide which applications and widgets you really need, and disabling alerts for those who are not so critical in your day to day.

iOS learn from the way you use your phone, slowly know what applications you use most and therefore which ones need instant access at any time.To do this you update applications in the background . The applications you use most, are constantly refreshed in the background also when you are not using, so you can access them instantly when so require.

Whether in Settings> Notifications or Settings> Use> Applications in the background we can define what we talked about this. It is to choose the applications that really need for the system is not constantly consuming battery for applications that really do not give much use.

Improve Battery Life in Laptops, Macbook, windows, iPhone’s

Improve your battery life on your iPhone 6 with iOS 8: iPhone 6 Battery Life Tip

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    The battery of my iPhone 5s gives me 18 hours just charge it once a day. Fantastic explanation.

    Improve iPhone 6 battery life : iPhone 6 Battery Life Tips

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    I forgot, with pro iCleaner, turn off the processes started when the mobile and you will not use, as airprint, AssistiveTouch, GameCenter, passbook, wlanchinas, vpn, ota updates, voice control and some more

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    Save and look for the life of our batteries in the iphones is easy and for the whole family, now, if you want to delve best in the world of battery life (mah design, mah current maximums, mha current download) you must play daemons or processes running when you turn on any device with cpu. I charge my iPhone on June 2 times a week, and a third, but if we have 3 charges, I will say about 9 days: DD How? obviously I do not get time / s sending me text messages a day, they are a pain in the ass, to send 4 messages or more, I call, which is also free.
    If (SEND_MSG> 4) {
    call reciever;

    And it is that if we look at the total consumption of 100% recharge our battery, the … 60% minimum is consumption of the screen.

    To control the maximum consumption and the remaining mah our drummer, I think jailbreak necessary, with life battery, which is an app cydia, and detailledbatteryusage, (this second thing it does is move the menu settings use battery, one showing daemons and graphics).

    I thought it was advisable to finish the battery of any device you will want to care for the battery, but I was wrong, it is advisable to spend the full battery at least once a month, but not always.

    I flipa the world of all types of batteries: DD, but the iphone without jailbreak, let us not frika enough with it.

    Edito ….
    I fear the day in which four cpus to mess iphones … because that will mean one of the following two options … or would greatly increase the size to put a larger battery, or the battery will last less what is currently hard … or … invnetaran screens that consume less shining like? battery technology different?

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    A I am not okay with “the scourge of today are the batteries. There will be a day that will last a week.” That’s not the problem. For much that manages the battery lasts a pittance. If I do not I manage then it is unfortunate. Sometimes there are too pijadas consuming. When asked Siri with helmets, consumes and takes more q me out iphone pocket for example. I will not tell you to call or check something on google. And I only speak of Siri. I am not a software engineer and I can not say that a person works poorly without knowing what that job. But of course there are things that are drawn by pure marketing and fatal work. In the last 5 years, only remarkable, successful and avant-garde seemed iCloud. Fallitos will sync your iMessage etc etc, but buy a new phone and have it all as above is magnificent. And let any of its functions. There are other things I do not understand why they take. I read there before it updates the background. Exact. I take them off. I wait a second for the app to load period. Except for Google Maps for obvious reasons.

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    My normal use me two-day battery iPhone 6. And with very intensive lasts me the day I enter without problem.

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    I not if misunderstood, but to modify it or not applications are being updated in the background you should go to “General> Settings in the background” and then see the applications running in the background.

    To me the battery on the iPhone 6 I like it too much. I hard all day but I have it in heavy use in Twitter; WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

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    I’m desperate because the battery of my iPhone 6 64gb, buy him in October and at first lasted me with normal use a half day perfectly even with the active location … it was one of the most valued aspects in this new model. As of December 25 phone battery starts to consume excessively, even at rest at night I fall 40% -50%. I have contacted Apple on several occasions, I have restored the iphone from itunes as new, I have restored adjustments, I turned off everything you can disable and follow the same … I sent the phone 2 times to Holland and I becomes equal communicating they are not able to reproduce the problem …. in the end I think the only option will be commute to the nearest App Store and talk to a Genius and see in situ draining the phone battery makes all disabled . There are days that I have of Use 45 min and 5.5 h Rest the battery is 5%. DESPERATE!

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    To squeeze the most of the battery of my iPhone and iPad, plus off WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use, disable background updates, automatic updates of the App Store, only notifications that are essential (ditto for location services ), widgets fair, brightness halfway and anything else I forgot.
    By the way, do you know if you have 4G (or LTE) enabled consumes more battery than 3G?

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    As you say, most things are common sense. One aspect you forgot comment is to disable location services in applications that do not interest us.
    The theme of the updates in the background is something I really do not know to what extent it is necessary and do not quite understand it , to see if any you can clearing that .

    How to increase iPhone battery life with iOS 9

    I mean, with this feature is assumed that the application will be every X time making calls to the server and updated so that in the time we get are all available right? … Well what if you have disabled the updates in the background ?, what the application will do is make a single call when accessing it and load all the new information at once is not it ?, how much can you take that? ¿1 second? … If so, I think the battery saving it is to not be doing constantly calls worth even if we lose one second every time we open it .
    Do you guys do you think?

    How to increase the battery life of your laptop

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    IOS: Optimize the battery on iPhone and iPad: How to save battery on iphone 5s

    15 Tips to Increase the duration of your laptop battery

    6 recommendations to extend the life of Li-Ion batteries

    What multitasking is not me. I have little doubt of its operation.

    When this is read multitasking is not as multitasking and I actually think that just consumes power. (RAM is another matter).

    We knew already, but official confirmation.

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    if you iphone 5 battery lasted half a day, you do not understand how a battery is spent. My iPhone 6, with which the battery lasts me 3 days +, can download it completely in a few hours, and if you want I can do without playing ….

    Simply brightness to max, perosnal hotspot on, with someone … or simply connected .. with the brightness to max , you lasts a few hours, and is very very very logical.

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    Suppose course be aware of the applications that suck battery, assume that notifications too. Now, why should I disable my wifi all the time? That is a poor way to justify a product poorly designed, which runs applications that are not as rigorously designed. With all the old (and without changing the battery) my iPhone4 hard day and a half with a load using ALL. Suspiciously I think the device is a thousand times better and better designed, because if I have a more powerful system, a more powerful also processor and a big screen, you should consider a battery that would hold that instead of the ridiculous struggle width the apparatus, wherein the first (and only) that is sacrificed is the battery = iPhone5 ~ 6. Not to mention my other phone that is with 3000mAmp (ridiculous, rather than say 3 amps and longer) G2 robot lasts two days battery with higher than the iPhone 5 ~ 6 specifications. Moral: Apple is throwing the ball for 2 years. Anecdote: I returned not 1 but 2 iPhone 5 because facing the i4, same version of system and applications, the battery lasted 1/2 day. There I decided to be sacrilegious and get into the horror of Android (the battery lasts long, but the system is frightening, and applications,

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  1. So is. I have the same opinion. The difference in consumption by turning off 3G and 2G only staying is great especially when we move.

    I think q is the biggest saving battery for iPhone, or that he was looking for a better 3G signal continuously …

  2. Well when we activate the LTE all day, the battery will be 3,000 mAh. And back to the same …

    I’m thinking of buying an original battery and replace the iPhone 4. The battery has reduced its autonomy since September 6, 2010, one third at least. They are almost 3 years.

    Prefer not take more of a gadget (pardon me). If my choice is to replace the battery my question is if I use a 2,000 instead of 1,420 mAh. generate a problem of soft / hard for calibration errors and / or faulty load, etc.?

  3. What I most noticed is the option to disable 3G, for mail and social networks have to 2G / EDGE in my case.

    I also have an external battery (just the Mophie photo) plus a connector cable 3 in 1 to recharge all my gadgets when needed, not just the phone.

  4. In the brightness you mess up , I read the iPhone screen consumes the same regardless of the brightness level, and give Google search for the page that says it is in a comparison against amoled …

  5. But the real problem with the phones today despite the iPhone is not the least battery life has much less, is just the short duration of their batteries going recharged again and again becomes very tedious, sometimes one will walk and no where to recharge the cell and no more to let him off to find somewhere to recharge. It also depends on the city and the type of population is not the same as saying a stroll through Miami for some island like the Bahamas.

  6. The explanation that the battery can not be removed is that by not having to be prepared to be manipulated by the user can remove the protective housing of the same: it reduces both weight and occupied space, making the phone lighter and thinner.
    connecting the battery to the plate is also simplified because it does not have to be designed for access and replacement and therefore is simply a cable that hooks into a connector plate.
    Come in less space can cram more battery.
    the downside is that you can not remove and replace, but we must also recognize that the batteries as standard (at least in the iPhone) last as long as the phone itself: long. And it is also true that, to me at least and that development has never hung up on me to have to remove the battery.
    I have gone weird things, but off and on have always solved.

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