Huawei VR: Chinese manufacturer launches its virtual reality headset


Huawei enters the virtual reality market with its VR Huawei, a headphone in the line of Gear VR Samsung. Which ? Not surprisingly, the last two are advertised as flagship P9 P9 Plus. This implies two things that will not necessarily predict the best in the short term, for headphones. First, it must be equipped with a USB Type-C port, thereby limiting the compatibility of the helmet with future products because the previous use of the Micro-USB.

For once, we had no warning signs, finally, if not the market. Huawei has decided to announce the Huawei VR, a virtual reality helmet. The Chinese giant could not really miss out on this growing market.Designer of smartphones, the firm decided to adopt a similar strategy of Samsung with a helmet intended to welcome its phones. Sony Playstation VR

Huawei VR
Huawei VR

Second, the image will not be as beautiful as that of S6 / S7 since the screen P9 only displays Full HD.

Gear Huawei VR

Conversely , one can argue that Huawei has made the choice of the future for its connections. This ensures a brighter future to the extent that the connectors will democratize. Samsung is in the opposite case with the Gear VR . This is also one reason why the Korean had to keep the Micro-USB on S7. The cost is probably another.

As noted TechRadar , present at the event, Huawei helmet is very similar to that of Samsung. Visually and technically also found there especially since a trackpad on the side and a knob for setting. The helmet has yet neither price nor release date, but ad Huawei still arriving for 2016 and even ” probably this season .”

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