If you’re wondering how to see Stories Instagram without knowing with iPhone, Android or PC, I think they have the solution that’s right for you. After looking at some stories, your friend gave you the curious front of everyone. He says the profile name constantly appears in the views of its Instagram Stories. Does it seem like there is nothing strange because the stories are made on purpose to be played? 

Watch Stories on Instagram anonymously by activating Airplane mode

How to watch or view instagram stories anonymously
The final trick to see the ‘stories’ of Instagram without getting caught (stock Photo)

Stories on Instagram are located in a kind of top bar of the app, which when pressed on, you will automatically notify the person that you’ve seen their contents\. But there is a simple trick to prevent this from happening and you can move quietly among the stories without downloading third-party applications in the Play Store, you should activate the device “airplane mode”.

The first thing you should do is open Instagram and hope that all content, shared stories and pictures to load. Then you must slide the menu bar of the device and activate the “Airplane Mode”, then you can see the stories contacts without them knowing.

This method will not work if you have not loaded all the platform, so it is advisable to wait a few minutes. However, there is a more effective way.

If not convince any of these options, you can download the app Story Saver, with it you can see all content without notification, even download stories. This app is only available for Android devices.

In this guide, I’ll explain precisely how to see Stories Instagram without anyone knowing. I’ll tell you what to do to download Instagram Stories anonymously, so you can play as many times as you like without anyone noticing

How to watch the stories of your contacts without them knowing

Every time you watch the story of a person on Instagram, they will be notified of the people who saw it. Instagram offers two feature stories where videos and photos of short duration disappear within 24 hours of being published are shared. This feature allows all users to view the daily lives of their contacts, but the users who see these stories will be notified to the creator of that story that this person has seen your post.

How to watch or view instagram stories anonymously
Viewing Instagram stories of someone unbeknownst

The first thing you need to know when you wonder how to see Stories Instagram without anyone knowing is that with the method I am about to propose, no one will notice that you saw a History. However, you must be careful if you repost. In that case, someone might see that the spy. Since we share history, it is clear that you did well display. So, you can consider yourself anonymous until “keep it to yourself” the photos and videos you have downloaded.

In addition to this, if you want to see Stories Instagram without knowing, you have to take account of private accounts. With the procedure below, you can also view the stories of those who have blocked you, but as long as it is a public account. If you encounter a private profile, you can not spy on him so easily, because they will have to accept you as a follower. It is also true, however, that most of the accounts are public. Therefore, you should not have problems.

Accordingly, in order to see Stories Instagram without anyone knowing, all you need to do is connect to StoriesIG . This is a site that offers a database that “fishing” stories published on Instagram in real time and makes them available to download. You can access it with your iPhone, Android or PC.

Once you’ve accessed storiesig , enter the ‘ username of the user who you want to peer into the search field, omitting the snail @. Then, choose Search. You’ll see it all the published stories. Find one that interests you and select Download to download it. In this way, will be stored in your phone’s gallery or in your PC or Mac. So you can look at it anonymously as often as you please. For more information, read how to save Instagram stories of others.

How to save Instagram stories of others

 How to watch or view instagram stories anonymously
From now on, you will see what you post your ex or that person you do not like so well without a trace.

You were right to ask how to save Instagram stories of others. In fact, it is much better to download them anonymously, rather than trying to do the screen without notice. For another, there is no need for either the root (Android) or the jailbreak (iOS). The only “snag”, you may have it if you want to spy on a private profile because to do that you have to be accepted as a follower. For the rest, there are no limitations. So with the proposed methods, protests even spy on a profile Stories that blocked you or who do not follow. This, as long as there is a public account. For more information about requirements, laws like seeing Stories Instagram without being seen.

That said, below are the procedures that allow you to save Instagram stories of others. Read the rest depending on the device you’re using.


If you have a device iOS, so an iPhone, and you wonder how to save Instagram Stories of others, all you need to do is install the free app Story Reposter for Instagram. You find in the App Store and you can use it in a completely anonymous. Unlike other, in fact, for this app, you do not need to be logged.

When you’ve downloaded, open the app and look for the profile you want to spy. Then, touching her account name to view the content they published, such as photos and videos in the form of post or Stories. Then, to save Instagram Stories of others, touch a history in order to play it. Finally, hit the Share and save. You’ll find it so in the Camera Roll. And do not worry, spied the account will not notice anything.


If you have a device Android, like a Samsung, and want to know how to save Instagram Stories of others, you can use the Free Application Story Saver for Instagram. The find on Google Play. However, to use it, you must log in using your Instagram account. But do not worry, because even logging in, do not you appear in list views. At the time of writing, I did a test and I can confirm that this is so. If you feel safer not to enter the data, the next point rules. There is a free website which you can use with your mobile phone.

Once installed, open the app and performs the login. Then, look for the account you wish to spy on and select it in the list to view published content. Among the photos and videos that appear, touch the history you would like to archive. Then, to save Instagram Stories of others , you must choose Save and confirm. In doing so, saved stories will end up in the gallery . And again, as I told you, your name will not appear in list views. In short, you will be invisible.


If you use your computer and want to know how to save Instagram Stories of others, you may use the free site called StoriesIG. You can archive it on the PC without Stories Instagram account, so preventing access to your profile.

To save Instagram stories of others with storiesig, you must first connect to the website (you can find it easily on the internet by doing a simple search). You can do it from MacOS, Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS. In short, you can also use the phone to connect. When you’re signed in, type in the ‘ username of the profile that you spying in the search field. You have to do is choose Download to download the History on your device. As of cell, in this case, no one will discover you.

Save video from Instagram Stories

 How to watch or view instagram stories anonymously
Instagram- The trick to getting caught not seeing a story of Instagram can gamble a trick

The first thing you need to know what you’re wondering how to save video from Instagram Stories is that the social network only allows you to save your own stories. However, thanks to applications and third-party tools, you can download them in secret. About Instagram spy in this way, you know that it can not be discovered. No, not even by those who look at who saves the Stories.

Oh yes, because if you proceed to save video from Instagram Stories in the manner I am about to tell you, you anonymous to the point that your profile name does not even appear in the list of views Stories. So, you enable either the screenshot notification.

To save video from Instagram Stories, if you have a device iOS, and an iPhone or an iPad, you could use the app Story Reposter for Instagram. Once installed, there is no need to log in. Proceed to look for the person you follow. Then, touching her profile name to display Stories that published. Next, choose the ones that interest you, press on them, select Share and then Save. By doing so, you’ll find it in your Camera Roll and will never be erased, if not from you.

If you have Android, you can save video from Instagram Stories using the Story Saver app for Instagram. A difference of the iPhone, this requires the login. However, do not worry because you will remain anonymous, however. After logging in to your account, look for the profile you want to spy. Then, select it and find the stories you want to download.

If you’re using your PC or Mac, you can save video from Instagram Stories using StoriesIG .

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