How to use low-power mode on iOS 9


Get longer battery life ios 9 – Even longer battery life.

Apple reveals longer battery life ios 9. Apple has made many important changes across the upcoming entire operating system which is iOS 9, many apps and key technologies have been made more efficient to trim battery usage wherever possible. Now whenever you put your apple iPhone (running iOS 9) facedown, thanks to it’s ambient light and proximity sensors, your iPhone screen will stay off and these sensors will prevent the screen from turning on, even when you receive a notification. Apple is introducing a couple new features in iOS 9 to help extend the battery life of your iOS device.

How to use low-power mode on iOS 9
How iOS 9 ‘Low Power Mode’ For Battery Life Saving Works

The above feature of automatic turning off the iPhone’s screen when put facedown will definitely boost iPhone’s battery Life.  Any time you place your iPhone face down on a surface or any table . These sensors will turn off the screen, even when you receive a notification. Place your iPhone face up on a surface, and it’ll continue to light up as it always has.

How to use low-power mode on iOS 9

How to use low-power mode on iOS 9 :

  1. Launch the Settings app
  2. then scroll down to the new Battery item;
  3. Now tap on it.
  4. Slide the switch atop the screen to the On position to enable Low Power Mode.

A Second Feature of iOS 9 for Improving iPhone battery life

The second feature for saving and boosting your Apple iPhone battery life is ios 9 low power mode. When enabled, the low-power mode will modify the amount of energy it dedicates to background services and animations. In other words, features such as background app refresh, and push email will be temporarily paused until you’ve had a chance to charge your device.

Some features of Apple iOS 9 Low Power Mode –  iOS 9 Battery Life:

  1. When your iOS device reaches 20 percent battery, Aple iOS 9 will automatically prompt you to enable low-power mode.
  2. You can see whether low-power mode is enable or not  by looking at the battery icon in the upper-right corner.
  3. If Low power mode is enabled on your iPhone the battery will transform to a yellow icon, instead of the typical red when under 20 percent.
  4. Another quick indicator is the added battery percentage next to the now-yellow icon.
  5. Once you charge your device past the 20 percent point, the energy saving feature will turn itself off without any further action needed on your part.

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