There is a lot of buzz around Instagram and the power of its likes. This is something that has become a common topic in recent years and one that has led to people even going so far as to hand over money for them. To some, this may seem like something of an absurd prospect. Surely if you have good quality content you wouldn’t feel the need to buy 50 Instagram likes cheap? It is a sensible enough question to ask but the answer is one that makes even more sense. There is simply no overestimating the power of Instagram.

how to use instagram likes

Instagram is a social network with more than a billion users who access it every month. Half of this number access it on a daily basis and roughly three hundred and fifty million Instagram users will log in and out of the platform several times over the course of a day. Instagram boasts users from all over the world and the vast majority of its users, just under seventy percent of them, are under the age of thirty-five. Clearly, Instagram is the place to be if you are looking to keep up to date with the latest goings-on, not only in your local area but practically everywhere in the world. As long as you have a smartphone and an Internet connection, you are able to sign up and run your account from wherever you happen to find yourself. The ease with which you can connect to Instagram, and through it, the wider world, means that it is a crucial tool for keeping in touch.

Similarly, the sizeable, global audience behind it provides you with unique opportunities that bring countless different strands of the Internet together in one place.

What’s the obsession with likes?

While Instagram can be the vehicle which takes you out into the wider world, it is going to need some fuel. Likes are just one of the many sources of fuel that you will need to power you along on your journey. Likes are the most basic of these features and are the easiest to give and receive. While having followers and receiving comments are two equally important features, they are slightly harder to come by and involve a bit more work once you actually have them. On the other hand, getting and giving likes is by far the easiest of the three big features.

When browsing through Instagram, you will see a post that draws your attention. Maybe you find it funny, maybe you think it is romanitc, maybe you agree with the statement expressed within it. It could also be a picture of a moving topic or one that you are passionate about. Whatever the topic is, if it catches your interest, you want to show how you appreciate the post. This is where likes come in. All you need to do as a user is tap the screen twice or the little heart sign below the content that you wish to like. This simple action is enough for the Instagram user responsible for the content to know that they are having a positive impact on others.

Why are likes important for Instagram users who receive them?

This question is relative to the Instagram user it refers to and their reasons for using Instagram in the first place. For those who are casual users and only use Instagram to share content with friends and family, likes can be a nice reminder that these people are happy for you and are interested in what you are doing. However, for those Instagram users who use the social network in order to promote themselves, their career, their business, their cause or their creations, likes can be extremely important and can go a long way to helping them succeed on a larger scale.

The number of likes a single post receives can drive it and the Instagram user behind it into the mainstream and help them both take off in a big way. Likes are part of the interactions that help build the popularity of an Instagram account. As this popularity grows, Instagram accounts gain more visibility through the wider social network. Therefore, it is important to be able to attract likes as they will help your account get more attention. Again, this comes back to why an Instagram user is trying to promote their account in the first place. Instagram profiles that are used to provide information about businesses, hobbies, news, opinions, politics, charitable causes and creative endeavours are going to want to get as much exposure as possible. To that end, likes are going to play their part in getting there and helping them move on to the next step in their journey.

So how can you get likes?

As we mentioned earlier, the only guaranteed way to get likes is by paying for them. There are a number of websites which provide Instagram users with offers for this topic so it is worth looking around to get an idea of which one offers the best value. Other popular ways that tend to work, though not as effectively, are by using hashtags and locations in your posts. These two functions help categorise your content and place them in search results which are more likely to be directed at people who are interested in the content you post, whether because of the topic or the location of them.

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