How to save iPhone battery life: iPhone External Battery


The batteries of mobile devices has hardly changed in recent years despite improvements in the most recent. It is in smartphones where it noticed, especially when we spent a day away from home or the office. iPhone External Battery

It is, therefore; important to know options that allow us to use an extra battery percentage as well as alternatives to have an additional supply if needed.

1System Settings

How to save iPhone battery life: iPhone External Battery

The first option, when we are away from home, is to set up correctly and according to our needs different settings in iOS .

Basically disable options that we will not need such as bluetooth, wifi, brightness, notifications or GPS. Also it controls messaging applications. These can drain your battery quickly. If you do not need to be connected to all installs only the precise. What do you want Whatsapp, Line. Group I, Hangouts, etc all active?

If any of these adjustments will prove essential not able to disable them and we will win some extra battery. It will not be a large percentage but it may be that 2% or 3% that make the difference between getting home to just enough to connect to the network or off.

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2Case with integrated battery: iPhone External Battery

Mophie Juice Pack Helium: External battery for iPhone 5

The housings with integrated battery are a good choice as long as usually you needed that extra energy without imported weight and thickness increases slightly. One of those options is Mophie Juice Pack Helium , a product of recognized quality.

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3External Battery with USB connection: iPhone External Battery

How to save iPhone battery life: iPhone External Battery

They are now the right choice for me. With different sizes and load capacities not only allow us to recharge our iPhone but also, depending on the model, the iPad or any other device through its USB connector.

In the market we have several options and if it is true that usually have a similar size to thephone itself are not annoying to carry. The only thing is that we take the additional USB cable, if it comes to the iPhone 5 or other device with a Lightning connector option is Trunk .So, no matter if we change device as there will continue to be useful.

Knowing the options now just a matter that everyone will find the one that best suits your needs by price and features. Personally I have always had a good experience with products Mophie but can be somewhat expensive to be a device that will use perhaps rarely.Therefore, an option that I like is the external battery Sony , which appears in the picture above. Its price is only 25 euros and offers a full charge on the iPhone. More than enough to endure to get home. And for you, what is your choice? iPhone External Battery

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